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Pondering Questions Mikey Want's The Answers To

1: Why is there always someone in the expresses line that makes it slower then the regular lines? Can we say "Safeway"and people with "New Money."

2: Why is it we always look at our bowel movements? Are we expecting ourselves to shit gold or something?

3: Why is when we use a coat hanger to try to open the car door after we locked our keys in it someone asks:"Did you lock you keys in the car?" No, I just washed it and I'm hanging it up to dry. Here's your sign

4: Why is it when you are sitting on a paper someone comes up and ask you"Are you reading that?" I say "Yes I am" I turn the page and sit back down again.

5: Why is it that every house in California has an ant problem when it rains? Yesterday, I went to the kitchen. Saw a ton of ants, wiped them up with a wet dish cloth. Rinsed them off in the kitchen sink, and then turned on the garbage disposal to make sure those suckers were dead!! This has happened at all three places I lived at in California.

6:Roomies either lie about, or don't replace the food you bought when the eat it? Jill, Bob and I are always buying food for the house, and plus certain things for ourselves. While writing this post a certain roomy goes I always drink black coffee after I noticed we were low again on half and half. Bullshit I've seen your coffee dude!!! How about a little reciprocation here. I eat healthy but I hate, low fat things, wheat bread,banana bread ect. Thank you Dr. Atkins for the paranoid hysteria. Don't offer me pancakes and banana bread when you are eating shrimp, after I made the house an expensive chicken dinner a few weeks ago. Plus eating the brownies, pizza, ect, I make all the time. Sorry ranted on that one! I am a white bread person, fuck wheat and multi-grain!!

7:Why is it my wireless router didn't pick up the right password after I had SBC change it? It took a 30 minute phone call after 2 and a half hours from my computer guy to figure that one out. Sorry Give-A-Byte!

8:Why do I feel I have to put a disclaimer on my first contest posting because of the historical facts? Hmm got you wondering on that one. Tune in April 10th to see why.

9: Why did it take me so long to find and blog roll Margaret Cho's blog? Thanks Tomato.

10: Who is the next person that Mikey is going to put on his blog roll and what rating will it have? XXX or other can we say "Starrfucker"? Hell no I am not putting a link here! You need to go to my blog roll for this one.


  • I've always thought it was weird that we look at our shit. It's nasty, but I'm sure everyone does it. Great blog.

    By Blogger Donnie, At 9:52 PM  

  • making #2 about #2? Too funny?

    ..and yet so true!

    made me laugh out loud, thanks!

    By Blogger Party Girl, At 1:09 PM  

  • great post mikey.

    as for the ants, i agree. i use windex or comet on the counters when this happens because those suckers can wade through it.

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 7:50 AM  

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