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And Here's To You.... Annie (A GBBMC Blogger Whoring Posting)

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Annie (my wife) came back from Mikey's office (on the rag.) She was complaining about the casting of her next film. Annie says "Honey do you believe this Schmutz. Mikey is having problems casting the part of Ben. That new guy named Robert Redford tested like shit with Candice Bergen. Burt Ward can't play the part of Ben do to his commitment on Batman. Charles Grodin had some problems with his deal so he can't play Ben. Who the fuck is next on Mikey's list? He doesn't know who he's going to get? To top it all off I wasn't his first choice for Mrs. Robinson."

Mikey wanted some French bitch Jeanne Moreau to play her. The producers of the movie are totally against Mikey's idea to have a French actress to play Mrs. Robinson. Mikey said to them "Ok I 'll change leads, but I won't budge on Simon and Garfunkel. Mikey liked the idea of a French actress balling a younger American actor. Mikey's idea was that Mrs. Robinson would be more believable as a French whore."

Annie's really ragging to me now saying "And how the hell am I suppose to play Katherine's mother when she is only eight years younger then me." I say back to her "Honey, there are good make-up artist at the studio." Whap!!! She bitch slaps me.

All of a sudden there is a knock at the door. "Hey Dustin," (our next door neahboor), "what's up man?" He says to me " Do you think I can get out of my contract with you? (He was to play Leo Bloom in my next film). I asked "Why?" "You see man, they offered me the lead role in this film called "The Graduate". It's a much stronger role then Leo, and I really like to play the part of Ben."

Annie has totally gone beserk. "See what Mikey's doing to me!! He's only six years younger then me, and I'm the one who's going to have to fuck him in the film!!! Oh for Jehovahs sake does it never end?" Now I have really had it with Annie, so to just to piss her off even more I say to Dustin "Sure go ahead and take the role of Ben, I think I can get my good friend Gene to take the role of Leo. Gene always did want to work with Zero."

So after Annie and Dustin finish doing their principal photography, Annie comes home steaming again. (Oy Vey, I really have to do something about my wife's temper) "For the promotional shot for the film, Mikey doesn't want to uses my legs!! He wants some up and coming model named Linda Gray for the still shot. Why not my legs? I wax my legs? I have nice legs!!" "Well, I have seen Linda's legs, not to offend you honey but Linda's legs are better then yours." I said. Whap!!! "Ouch!!" That's going to leave a mark.


  • May the schwartz be with you. It's Mel Brooks. Boy, I am a bit slow.

    P.S. I laughed my head off when i went back and read your first post..."Wait a minute while I whip this out"

    By Anonymous H.F. Peterman, At 1:20 AM  

  • Okay, now the fog has parted. Very funny! I wonder if they really talk that way . . . I bet they do! Can't wait to see what he is up to tomorrow.

    By Blogger Claire, At 3:15 AM  

  • I was leaning in the direction of Sid Caesar because I am unschooled in these things and I figured it was either Sid, Jackie, Milton (? Don't ask why), or Mel. The sight of Anne Bancroft's leg would suggest it is Mel.

    By Blogger Mike B, At 6:05 AM  

  • you are having too much fun mikey. :)

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 8:29 AM  

  • Mel Brooks

    Although I still like my Sid guess and the cast of, "The Show of Shows"

    great job!

    By Blogger Party Girl, At 9:25 AM  

  • LOL...all the slapping. Funny stuff, Mikey. Keep it coming.

    By Blogger Karl, At 12:50 PM  

  • I'm having "high anxiety" over this. Well done!

    By Anonymous Jacynth, At 1:40 PM  

  • I need to watch more TV.

    By Blogger Rabbit, At 4:47 PM  

  • My god, hilarious. Totally well-done!

    By Anonymous sandra, At 6:45 PM  

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