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Dear Bloggers,
I think I might be getting a cold (I hope not) but I have been really tired the past three days plus now it feels like I am getting a sore throat. I have to take care of myself plus put some long hours in at work the next three days.

My blog roll just keeps growing and growing and I still haven't been able to put the "ROSS aholoics" on yet from my space. If I do not comment on your blog, please don't worry I will catch up and comment on everyones blog by Tuesday.
Love You All,

PS. I have trouble commenting on my own blog with the new template. I want to Thank Everyone for their well wishes and support after reading the posting of When I found out I was positive.


  • Hope you feel better, Mikey. It sucks to be sick. And thanks for the note on MySpace.

    By Blogger kapgar, At 6:52 AM  

  • feel better soon!!!

    By Blogger suze, At 1:25 PM  

  • Take care of that cold! We will see you again when you are better! :-)

    By Anonymous kilax, At 4:04 PM  

  • dude, it is ultra cute that you even think to make blog-eating apologies and dare to promise the catching-up. I remember those baby-blogger days of thinking I could be all things to all people. You, however, must remember to be first and foremost, most things to YOURSELF. That said; get in bed and cover up your head until this bug passes. I'll not have you getting sick. Do you hear me?!

    By Blogger Jules, At 6:55 PM  

  • Take 6 beers and call me in the morning.

    Doctors orders.


    Dr. Nocturnal


    By Blogger Nocturnal, At 7:39 PM  

  • hey baybee. you take care of yourself.. no more late night chatting.. sleep and orange juice for you!
    it's nearly the weekend! woooohoo

    By Blogger biscuit, At 9:21 PM  

  • you comment on all the blogs you read? you're a better man than I. Well that really isn't saying much, since I'm not a man. But you know what I mean.

    By Blogger Cheetarah1980, At 12:18 AM  

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