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Seven Continents "The One" Continent Focus

I will not and won't be making this blog totally about HIV, living with HIV, or HIV education. There are other parts in my life that I will want to share with my readers. For the past week though I find myself having a furious rage building inside me after doing my posting on Saturday. I'm laughing on the outside but inside I feel like the Overlord Of Hell wanting to lash my wrath out at people. When I am writing my postings now, I find myself angrily pounding the keys on my keyboard.

I don't know if this mood swing is from:

a) Going threw the anger stage of acceptance of having and living with HIV/AIDS.

b) One of the many side effects I get from taking the meds, some of the meds do give you mood swings.

c) Just the focus on how and where the world is looking at HIV/AIDS at this point in time.

"The One Campaign" is one of the organizations I have made contributions to and support. Look at my side bar, I put their link there about a week ago. "The One Campaign" slogan is to "END WORLD POVERTY, AIDS, .... INDIFFERENCE." Now ending world AIDS to me means in all seven continents. I am I right or am I mistaken? Now one of the seven continents maybe uninhabitable, but 5 of the six other continents are being ignored by "THE One Campaign." All their attention is focused on Africa.

As I wrote on in Saturday's posting, the epidemic in Africa is a serious problem. If your mission statement is to end world AIDS, Poverty, ...Indifference then you also need to inform us about what is going on in the other 5 continents. I have yet to read of anything about how AIDS and Poverty are treated in South America, Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia in any of "The One's" e mail news letters. The only thing I have herd them do in these continents is to ask for money and put pressure on their political leaders.

Either "The One Campaigns" mission statement needs to be changed, or they need to become refocused on what their mission statement implies. Right now to me their focus is only on one continent and not all seven continents. Their mission statement says one thing, their actions and attitudes say another statement. The other continents also have people who's lives have been destroyed by HIV/AIDS as I feel as mine has been destroyed by the virus. Where are those stories in "The One's Campaigns" e mails news letters and what are they doing in the other 5 continents?

Bono the lead singer of U2 and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates were named Time magazine's Persons of the year in 2005. The were bestowed the auspices title for being"The Good Samaritans, Persons Of the Year." If you click threw the link you will see that the globe in the picture is titled towards Africa. You can also read Time's write up for Bono and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates.

As I have stated, I do not won't to become the New Jerry's Kid's Poster Child for HIV/AIDS. I don't know if I have the strength, energy, or courage to become "The One" voice in this world to bring attention for the other 5 inhabitable continents in which HIV/AIDS has destroyed peoples lives.

Being a member of "The One Campaign", I receive e mail updates and e mail news letters about the progress and events about HIV/AIDS and poverty. So the other night I received an e Mail addressed from Matt Damon from "The One Campaign" entitled "Lessons from Africa." Wrong e mail to send to me at the moment.

I was so furious when I read Mr. Matt Damon's e mail that I actually wrote back an e mail to "The One Campaign". I stated that I was about to unsubscribe my membership and living here in America with HIV/AIDS. I put the links to my postings of when I found out I was positive and my posting about the complacency of HIV/AIDS here in America in that e mail. If I had the money, I would run out and buy a MAC right now!! I wonder if I should e mail Jesus and ask him if his father is trying to tell me something? Who knows maybe I'll get some feed back?


  • maybe the anger is helping you push through? there is a lot to be outraged about, particularly with the indifference in this country to HIV/AIDS.

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 7:38 AM  

  • You need to stay angry and fired up. If not, you will just accept what is going on instead of striving for change. If you stay fired up, you will shock others out of their complacency. Sometimes it's the only way.

    By Blogger kapgar, At 8:00 AM  

  • Hey Mikey, you know how I feel about your writing on HIV and thats why I am honored to have you helping me with that new page coming to the website. And as far as writing goes, decided to have a contest over at my blog, "GOO GOO for MAMA", if you have a good story, enter, love your writing.

    By Blogger The Gay Guru, At 12:40 PM  

  • I get this horrible cynical feeling at times that the cure already exists, and that the drug companies of course, don't want us to know, or they'll lose big business.

    Have you ever done a search for HIV Cures? I remember seeing some books and pages on this, that sounded wacky, but you never know.

    Maybe a natural remedy does exist. It would not hurt to look into this.

    Peace and love...

    By Blogger WAT, At 5:41 PM  

  • Its upto you that whether you have to stay angry or not, or you just face the situations. Actually anger is helping you push through all this.

    By Anonymous hiv living with, At 12:07 AM  

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