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Wat, Gay Guru, Partygirl, Cut The Shit Will and Grace

I want all my readers to go to Wat's blog. I am not sure what he is going threw but he's really down and me being the caring person I am asking all of us to give him support. (Hot pic of Wat isn't it? Wat I want to know is swim suit or no swim suit?)

  • Gay Guru -who is new to reading my postings just had a friend die and went to their funeral this weekend. My condolences to you Gay.
  • Partygirl - who is a wild child that I want to meet someday. She pimped one of my postings. Thanks love.
  • Cut the shit Joe - I pimped you in Saturdays posting.

    • Now my dear blogging buddy Wat recently made a comment on my friend Jules blog asking if we were like Will and Grace. Wat I don't know if you read Jules comment back to you but she made one. I would like to add to that comment no we are not like Will and Grace I see us more like a Jack and Karen. LOLOL


      • ah, you're welcome. I am happy to be your pimp!
        I also look forward to the day when we go for the three d's together; dinner, drinks and dancing so I can show off my mad fag hag skills!

        By Blogger Party Girl, At 8:05 PM  

      • Jack and Karen, I like that. There's too much pain and complication in Will and Grace. But I will be your Karen any time.

        By Blogger Jules, At 10:54 PM  

      • totally, jack and karen.

        By Blogger Sizzle, At 8:26 AM  

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