Poz Mikey


E Mail From OUR Mother's Womb

Dear Mikey,
Encase we got cut off in the birthing process. I wanted to send you an e mail before the Ethernet umbilical cord was cut. This e mail in the month which you will receive it, you will be celebrating a less then joyous event. This month of May 2006 will be the fifth year anniversary of you NOT having sex with another person. This doesn't mean that you won't ever have sex again it just means that you need to open yourself up to the opportunity.
I know we will fall in lust with many gay guys that blog, but get over it. They are in other states or other countries, or too far away for you to meet those hunks. You should start to feel more amorous again do to you testosterone being at a normal level. You are know looking to get laid. You are looking for someone to fulfill your sexual fantasy. Could this also be another validation of life in which your friend Ms. Sizzle posted about? Could be.
We grow up to be more caring about others then yourself. We are sometimes way to kind hearted and need a man who is just the same. Forget the relationship idea for a while and think about putting ourselves back on the market. Don't be scared to sell ourselves at the next up coming gay pride. Don't be pissed off if it takes forever and a day to find a red ribbon at one of the vendors again like it took last year.
So I am going to do the posting (In which you probably read already) before the birthing process starts. This is transmitted via Ethernet umbilical cord in our mother's womb where the secret to Windows XP professional is stored.
Love from your embryonic self


  • With your wit and charm, good looks, and great sense of self, I say you rent a booth at PRIDE and you will have the men falling all over themselves to get to know you, maybe even KNOW you, and sell the red ribbons yourself. I got your email, will send out my plan to you today or tomorrow...Keep up the spirits mikey, you are awesome.....GG

    By Anonymous The Gay Guru, At 5:23 AM  

  • it will happen!

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 8:26 AM  

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