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Christian Riese Lassen

I have never posted about my favorite artist/painter till today. His name is Christian Riese Lassen. I'm sure many of you have seen his work but don't know his name. Mr. Lassen is famous for painting whales and dolphins with vibrant colored backgrounds.

Yesterday, I was looking for a poster for my one wall. Since I like whales, dolphins, tigers, and sharks, I thought about getting one of Mr. Lassen's limited prints. I looked up his website and called the 877 number. Let me tell you something, I have Dom Perignon taste and a Mad Dog 20/20 wallet. His limited prints start at $500.00 dollars and go up to $2,500.00 dollars. His paintings start at $200,000.oo dollars. They have 7 different frames and each one come with at least 5 diamonds in the eyes. They also do not send out any catalogues of his art.

Then I went down to "the mall" here in Santa Cruz. I was able to find two of his posters. My mouth nearly dropped when I saw it was $40.00 dollars for each one. I think I'll wait a bit to think it over before purchasing one.


  • He's in the stable with Robert Lyn Nelson and Wyland for Maui oceanographic painters. The Lassen Gallery in Lahaina, Maui is stunning, and well worth a visit if you're on the island. :-)

    By Blogger Dave2, At 7:37 PM  

  • My my, you have expensive taste!

    By Anonymous Jacynth, At 10:31 PM  

  • Cutie Pie,
    As a proffesional artist, I am telling you, DO NOT BUY any limited editons if the number are more than 20. I know it's hard to understand for lots of people.Because it says limited... If its numbers are more than 20, they are just posters. Better find some original work of artists.(Like dave2) If you really like those ocean theme, there are some nice prints which most people can not tell the diffrence from limited editions.
    Or I'll trade my painting with your massage.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:41 PM  

  • Definitely expensive tastes, next thing you know; you'll be buying authentic Helnwein's. If you have to ask how much, you can't afford it.


    By Blogger Nocturnal, At 3:07 AM  

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