Poz Mikey


A Special Request For My Readers

I have a special request for my readers today. There is a young man named Ben who is battling cancer in Chicago. This young man is having a very bad time with his cancer spreading threw out his body. I tried to find on line an adult Make A Wish Foundation to put his name in for a wish. To my surprise there isn't one for adults with chronic or terminal illnesses. This is completely unfair for adults have dreams and wishes too.

I believe Ben is at Northwestern Hospital and he is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan. My request to you is to please join me in this e mail campaign today and write to the St. Louis Cardinals at their official web site so they might do something nice for Ben. You will see the contact link at the bottom of their page. I e mailed them under community. I would like all my readers to help me bring a little joy into this young man's life. I also request that you tell the people you love that you love them with your heart. Life is too short to be wasted.

Thank You,

Footnote: This postings not about me so I will not be allowing comments today