Poz Mikey


The Amazing Flying Exploding Pizza Stone

So I saw my roommate Larry make a quesodilla on a pizza stone. I decided I was going to do the same thing today. First I got the pizza stone and put it onto the top of the stove. I pulled out the tortillas out of the fridge and the sharp cheddar cheese. I put one tortilla on the pizza stone and grate the cheese on the tortilla. I place the top tortilla on my quesodilla what a few minutes and flip it. Kabang!! The pizza stone exploded into several large pieces flying at me like sharpnel in a war zone. I duck and cover and stand up only to see the quesodilla in flames on the stove. I grapped an oven mit and run cold water to put the flame out. Then I grapped the scalltering pieces of the pizza stone and start running cold on the stone. I swear to you folks one piece flew about seven feet. Needless to say there is a nice new burn markon the linolium and the piece that flew seven feet scortched a throw rug Larry got in Mexico!!