Poz Mikey


Emergency Situations

I have learned that in emergency situations that I'm great under pressure. Once the emergency is over I'm a basket case that takes hours and hours to unwind. I do what the person needs until the end when I can't help them anymore. Well something like this happened recently for those who no me no it wasn't Driver. I will not disclose what happened, or the person who had the emergency. What I will say is Thank you god for the knowledge and the strength I found to help this person. So needless to say last night I didn't get a lot of sleep. Is it just me who is like this, or are there other people out there the same as myself? Those who are great at helping the needy, then get into there heads after the fact. I just wonder if the EMTs of every town deal with this the first time they make a call. Does it get easier for them working on a daily bases? It has to, I am sure that is true. So will I do much today? I probably won't but that's just me.


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