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The Original Gospel Rock

In some of the major rags, and on MSN.com lately they have printed and posted articles showing an increase of gospel rock sales and rock bands. Well today I like to add my own recollection of the original gospel rock I remember. Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice's Jesus Christ Superstar. With more, and more people finding spirituality these days with the war in Iraq, hurricane Katrina, the devastating Asian earthquake and tsunami. I was just wonder if the entertainment world is going to get the pulse of America and revive this musical. Ok maybe I'm a little reminiscent right now. Why is that, because I have it playing in the VCR while writing this blog. You see I often worked, and acted at the Fulton Opera House in Lancaster PA in my youth. One of the shows I worked back stage for, not on stage was "Superstar". On this show I worked what is know as the fly rail. Yes, I'm one of the people who pulled Judas up by the neck, helped raised Jesus's cross, dropped the mountains, everything that needed to be flown. I know morbid thinking isn't it! I forgot just how much I enjoyed "Superstar." The wonderful music by Weber and the incredible lyrics by Rice. Ok so I don't believe in organized religion, but I am spiritual person even though I do not show it, flaunt it, work it and throw it in peoples faces like Pat Robertson and Jerry Farewell. Truth be known I always wanted to play Judas, or Simon. They both have great solos songs in the show. I know being a short gay male I would be cast as King Herod(LOLOL). I can't helped myself, sometimes I am just the typical gay male. Ok trivia question time for all those "Superstar" fans out there, Who was Judas on the original London concept album of "Jesus Christ Superstar"? Give up. I'll give you a big hint. He had a big hit in 1985 with the song "One Night in Bangkok"from the "Chess" soundtrack. Stay tuned I might give you the answer in a day or two. Yes I'll give it to you in a day or two I can't be mean.


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