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Isn't the internet just grand. I really do love surfing the world wide web. Looking up the newest movie trailers and such. What I found out tonight was a little too frightening for my taste. We had a stranger show up at our house with a business card. He had information we had not given him. He knew about the local Org. Project. That one of our refrigerators was on the fritz. So I went to a popular search engine and typed in the gentleman's name. According to Driver this man was a little too suspicious. So I thought from his E mail address he might have been from one of the local diversity agencies. OH my god what I found out about him on the web. Now realize I'm no hacker. Just from only this man's name and city I found out I could receive his complete history, criminal background, where he lived, his telephone number and much much more. Shouldn't somethings be private in one's personal life and not splattered all over the net? It's frightening just what you can do with the net with just a little imagination. The end result was Driver and I figured out from talking with each other he was sent here by a former roommate who works for one of the diversity agencies here in Santa Cruz. For those Angelina Jolie fans out there yes that's her pictured with Jonny Lee Miller in the movie hackers.


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