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Separation Of Church And State

Recently I rented a HBO movie from our public library. The movie I rented was entitled Citizen X. It was about the worst mass murder in Russian history. The film deals with the search to capture this freakazoid. I think it was better then "Silence of the Lambs". The film was extremely well done like all HBO films. One of the lines in the film really bothered me. "We will keep arresting homosexuals. Even though it doesn't directly affect the case. We are still doing society a service." This person said this in Russia in the 1990's. Why is it that when things are going wrong gays are persecuted? During the holocaust gays were executed. Have we not progressed since the early Greek and Roman cultures? Have the religious movements so embedded their philosophy into our pyschic that acceptance will never be? Yes, since the 1969 Stonewall riot the gay rights movement has come along way. We can be more open in public, but still if we kiss, hold hands, show our affection to our partners. We get fag bashed, or persecuted, harassed by the bigotry of conservative America. Why can't we get married? Do we not pay the salaries of those idiots in Washington, and the governments of all 50 states? Our founding fathers promised a separation of church and state. Hell, even in one of our local rags they asked if this was true to people on the street this week. Then why is it that the politicians are listening to the religious fanatics singing and chanting while protesting to equal rights for gays outside the government buildings. Why does America listen to the likes of the idiots such as the likes of the Pat Robertsons, the Jerry Farewells and others. Don't get me wrong, I'm not condemning ones spiritual, or religious beliefs. What I am condemning is that there is no separation of church and state in America. As long as the politicians listen to the religious fanatics equal rights for gays won't occur. Homophobia will be stuck in the minds of all those who don't understand, or to those who refuse to understand!


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