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The Strangest Call

I always tell people the weirdest things always seems to happen to me. Like my wrist getting hurt seeing "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". Who the hell gets an injured wrist seeing a movie? Well I did!! Well this past Thursday was no exception. It was raining, and I was working on my computer and the phone rings. So I go to my phone and answer it. I say "Hello" and hear a Latino gentleman stuttering on the line trying to spit out what he wanted to say.

Mikey: "Hello."

Gentleman: "I um, I um, this is so and so and I have to cancel our appointment today at 4:00 o'clock."

So here I'm thinking to myself, ok did my county nurse (anyone in Santa Cruz County who has HIV/AIDS gets a nurse no matter how healthy or sick they are) make an appointment for me that I forgot. Did I write down Friday's doctor's appointment wrong. When was this appointment made? Was it for, the dentist, the optometrist, what is this damn appointment I forgot?

Mikey: "What appointment is that sir?" (asking questionably)

Gentleman: "The appointment for my prosthetics!"

Needless to say my jaw dropped to the floor like a ton of weights were put in my mouth!! Pausing for a moment in shock then answering him back:

Mikey: "I'm sorry sir you have the wrong number."

Gentleman: "Isn't this where I'm suppose to get my prosthesis?"

Mikey still in shock, and his jaw still dragging on the floor answering back to the gentleman:

Mikey: "No sir I'm sorry you have the wrong number!" I repeated.

Gentleman: "I'm sorry." "Click" as he hangings up the phone.

I hang up the receiver and start laughing uncontrollably. Only I would have a call about a man wanting his prosthetics. That was most definitely the strangest call I ever received in my life. A personel note. If any of my friends buy me the replica mannequin leg lamp from "A Christmas Story" as a joke after reading this posting. I'll kill them.


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