Poz Mikey


The Break In

Lately the nights here in the Santa Cruz have been unusually colder then normal. I get up this morning to make a strong pot of coffee and for one reason or another I have to go into the hall way downstairs. Now my room is in the opposite corner upstairs of the big ass Victorian house where I live until February. I keep my door closed to keep the heat in because something is wrong with the heat in the house so I use my space heater. If someone is really quiet, I cannot hear them in my room. I walked by the a former roommates door and it's opened slightly ajar. Now understand that the wicked witch of the west aka the property manager locked every bedroom in the house but mine. I looked at the window and it's open about four inches and to top it all off the outside screen is off and laying on the ground. From a quick glance, I didn't see anything missing. Could someone have been scooping out the house to steal something later? Did some homeless person break in just to get out of the cold? I just don't know right now. I am slightly freaked out, I am going to have to find somehow to lock that window today. Thank God that I am safe, and nothing seems to be missing. What I really like to know is who it was, and how did they know no one was living downstairs. Was it someone that lived here before and knew that window had problems locking playing head games with me? Could it have been a former flopper of ex roommates? These are questions I will never find out the answers to. Right now I want to keep that door wide open, set my alarm every few minutes to check the room tonight. Should I pull an all nighter and stay up tonight and catched the person if they come in again wielding one of my swords in my hand and scare the shit out of them? Should I become the mutant queen from hell, or become Conner MacLeod because "There can only be one" in the house right now according to the wicked witch. Right now I feel my personal space has been violated, and my safety maybe at risk from not knowing who was here in the house.


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