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Ugly Step Sister

So you all know I am working for a hair dresser that specializes in hair pieces for cancer patients, transgenders, ect. I get to my work today and we have a few shipments for clients waiting for us. Larry, my boss and I open up the packages to see which ones we received. One of the shipments contained a new hair piece which is not on the market as of the date of this posting. The company president in which Larry orders his wigs from wanted Larry's opinion on this new hair piece. The piece is made out of human hair and has a completely latex foundation. So my boss asks me to sit down in his chair and put this wig on so he can test the hair piece. I sit down in the chair, he slips the piece on my head willingly. I look in the mirror and blurt out. "Damn I look like an ugly step sister." The women in Cinderella have nothing on me. I am so glad I am not a cross dresser, or a transgender I just don't have the bone structure to pull off being a woman. On top of that I see all the maintenance that goes into keeping a hair piece looking presentable. I have found new respect for transgenders and cross dressers that have good hair pieces.


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