Poz Mikey


The Break In Part Two

Ok I am really freaked out now about this break in we had last night. I went into the room in which it happened. With a lot of pushing, shoving, pounding, I managed to lock the windows. I go to close the door and relock it. What happens? The door won't stay closed!!! I check the door knob and it won't turn from being in the locked position. Made to look like it's still lock so I wouldn't know someone else was in the house So I check the part that goes into the door frame to see if that part was stuck. What do I find? That whole piece is missing!!! So unless a friend or someone comes over today I will be spending most of the day in the house. I am going to be sleeping with one of my swords tonight. Beware whoever you have pushed this man over the edge and I will protect my belongings and self. Yes, you have brought out the Conner MacLeod, and the Mutant queen from hell both at once which is not a pretty sight!!! I think maybe they have been in before. I told Jules the other week I thought I herd someone else in the house. That night, sword in hand I checked everything and didn't find anyone.


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