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After tossing and turning from a very bad nights sleep. Looking at my alarm clock thinking shit I can't sleep and only a damn half hour went by. I need to get some sleep for today. My day started off about 7:15 where I had to go to one of the county buildings and deal with my medical insurance.

I returned home and try to get a few more zzzz's. No luck what so ever. So I jump in the shower, got cleaned up for the salon. I headed up to the Org. to say hi to Jules, and Ms. Sizzle (who wasn't in yet) then go to the salon. I walked into the salon to find out they are having a pot luck day not informing the newest employee(me) and me feeling like an ass for I didn't know bring an item. ( BTW they do adore me at the salon, and think I am the cutest thing on three legs).

So my boss's roomie calls up (acting like his wife) informing my boss that she locked herself out of the house. A few minutes later she shows up to pick up the key to the house, bring a gay male friend along I shall call Mark. I leave the room to give them space (my boss is working with a client at the time they arrived) and have a smoke. Mark exits the building alone, me outside puffing away and I asked Mark "Does my boss want me" thinking he needed help. Wrong thing to say to a gay man about a gay man. He raised one eye brow and stated" Does your boss want you? Hmm? The truth is I don't know." Blush. I stepped into that one putting my foot in mouth. Thinking "Ok", that was the sexual content for the day, the rest of the day will go without more sexual content. WRONG

A few hours pass, and a few clients to boot, thinking everything thing is kosher. Our next client is what my boss calls a P. I. A. ((P)ain (I)n the (A)ss). Having met this client once before and for me to say this client really is a P.I.A. should tell you something. This person is very high maintenance. I do all the task my boss needs for this client and I ask to take a break and go get some beef for supper to cook when I got home from work. He says sure I leave, get the beef and come back. Putting the beef in the refrigerator, Donna a co worker comes into the break room and asked where I went. I said "I went to get a piece of meat for supper." She says to me " Honey, I hope that is not the only meat that you get in this lifetime." Blush. Flabbergasted the only thing I can think of to say back is "Me too."

So I walk back into the room where my boss is still working on the P.I.A. and the client says "You have this movie out now about you guys. What's it called something like Brokenback Mountain, Brakeback Mountain, Bareback Mountain when the client said this my boss and I looked at each other and start laughing our asses off. For those of you who do don't know. Bare backing in the gay community is having anal sex without a condom. We never did explain this to the P.I.A..

The P.I.A. leaves, the next client arrives who has been friends of my boss for years. In the middle of her dye job, she brings up that her adopted, young daughter has penis envy. My boss and I so surprised by this statement we both said 'WHAT?" at the same time. She told us that her daughter would tell her in the middle of a crowded store " Look mommy that doll has a penis". She also informed her mother that she wanted a penis. Yes, she learned that word and the mother doesn't know where, or from whom. I was thinking no boss please don't mention strap on toys. He didn't thank god. He did say that she might be a transgender and go from female to male. No her daughter was not with her. The mother got some really good advice about how to break her daughter of penis envy from another friend. So here it is "Tell your daughter boys cannot have babies and you are special as a girl that you can have a baby." That broke the daughter of most of her penis envy. That also brought up a whole other story for my boss in which I will tell tomorrow. Tomorrow you will also find out the names of the 7 actors in live action films which featured Batman as the title character. The third part of tomorrow's posting will be why I am angry and people are upset.


  • Not that I have penis envy, but having a baby better be the world's most magical experience or I'm going to feel jipped.

    By Blogger Rabbit, At 5:50 PM  

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