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Anger Management

I wouldn't have liked to have been around me last night. First with the break into the house. Second I go into my bathroom draw reserved for me, and it is cleaned out. My good razor is gone, my ear syringe, everything missing but my clippers and guards which were put into there case, one of two of my father's (who passed away a few years ago) electric razors is missing in action. That means a roommate went through my crap and threw everything out, or took it without asking if I wanted to keep the item. No one here in house has really seen me lose my temper. Last night I was slamming things down, slamming doors shut, muttering curses left and right all night. I didn't need to go into that drawer for the last couple weeks for what I needed was on the bathroom counter. Why is it always my stuff that gets taken, broken, abused, or disappears by some asshole who can't keep their grubby mits to themselves. Granted I am only 5'4" and 140 pounds with only 10 percent of body fat, but I so wanted to roll a few heads. I really hoped that asshole who broke into our house returned so I could take my anger out on them, make them bleed like hell, then afterwards call the police and have the bastard, or bitch depending on their gender arrested for breaking and entering. For those who know me I am the most generous, gentle, giving soul you would ever meet and not a violent bone in my body. For me to feel the way I did last night should give you an indication how pissed off I was, and that the people who were around me pushed me way beyond my breaking point. If one close friends would have seen me last night they would have said I needed an anger management class. Did I sleep with one of my swords? Yes I did, the biggest one. With the scabboard in one hand and the hilt in the other hand for a quick release. Did I awake up every hour and a half and check the house? Oh yeah. Did I need to set my alarm clock? Nope, my body did it all on it's own.


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