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Beef It's What The Body Craves

For the last few weeks my body has been craving beef. Steak, roast, hamburger, meatloaf you name it, my gut wants it. I haven't had such bad cravings for something in a long time. I do know that beef is a good source of protein. I just wonder if it is that I am exercising more lately? I must ride anywhere from 2 to 15 miles a day on my bike. Every few hours I seem to be slamming small meals down my throat. Then I try to eat one big meal a day. I just can't get a full stomach. Was I so sick the last few years that my body was starving and now saying "We are going to eat to the extreme." Could this be away of my body telling me "Hey, we are doing real well, this will make us even better." McDonald's, Burger King, and Erik's Deli Abbot's Habit with no goo have been my best friends the past few weeks. No, I am not like that idiot who did "Super Size Me" and I do not get my meals super sized. I do not eat every meal at the nearest fast food joint just to eat.

Just to give you an indication of what I mean. Yesterday, I had four helpings of Kirkland lasagna with meat sauce (6 pounds for less then 12 dollars) , a one pound Ranchers Reserve steak smothered with A1, two small baked potatoes with sour cream. As I told you yesterday, I try to write my postings the night before (it's about 8:30 PM when I am writing this one) and post them the next morning. I will most likely have a snack a little later. So give me some feed back on your thoughts about the endless pit cravings for beef, and food in general I have been having lately.


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