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Patience Gone

The last two postings I have written about SBC and the DSL. I was fine with the E mail conformation. So after I get home tonight from seeing Jules after work, the couple are still moving in so I help them out, after a long day me being up since 5:30, I check my messages on the machine.

Message 1-Hi mikey this is your new roommate Jill can you call me (that was from last night)

Message 2- Hi Mikey just called to see how you are doing will talk later. (Matthew my ex)

Message 3- Hi this is an courtesy call from SBC (automated of course) just confirming your DSL order on this phone number. We would like to know if you are satisfied with our DSL ordering process and prompt service.(LOLOLOL)

Wrong person to ask that question to right now. Like I said in a previous posting, I ordered DSL the last Monday of January. Was informed the order wouldn't go through till line was hooked up which was Friday the same week.

I didn't get the conformation E mail till yesterday a week after my line was hooked up, this balox phone call today both asking are you happy? No, with my patience gone, you are taking almost three weeks to activate my DSL, no I am not happy. To top it all off it's the weekend and they are only open Monday-Friday. HMMM I think Monday SBC DSL will get a confrontational phone call!!

Thanks to Ms. Sizzle for giving me the finger!!!


  • you are welcome?

    hee hee. ;)

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 8:52 AM  

  • Wow. I guess I was a little more than impatient when I was pissed that SBC didn't activate my DSL by 6am on the appointed date (because I was up and ready to use the service, dammit).

    By Blogger Rabbit, At 4:17 PM  

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