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The Photo Shoot and Writing Conversation

I want to thank Jules for my recent photo shoot. I will be showing you some of the pictures in the next days and weeks to follow. Jules and I had a wonderful conversation about writing. In a recent posting I told how I was raped over a five year time period. I made a joke at the end. She felt it was inappropriate for me to make that comment. You see at the time I was writing that posting, many different emotions were welling up in me all at once.

Things I thought I had handled, or stored away forever suddenly flooding my mind of those times. One of the things I learned from her yesterday is that I use humor to escape from difficult situations. I don't like conflict with others or in myself. I like things on an even keel. Sometimes like most humans, I have a hard time looking into self. She said "It's ok to be serious sometimes when you are blogging something that serious. If they read your postings regularly they know your sense of warped humor and you don't have to make a joke. No one expects you to."

I don't know if it was the writing of two very heavy postings that got to me. I needed detatchment from myself right then and there. For those of you who haven't notice, I try to put some type of subtle joke somewhere in my postings within the last two weeks or I'll do it in your face. Like the Bang, Bang posting at the end..."And I helped" was from a shake and bake advertising campaign. Party Girl got the number two one. Yesterdays tag line was "be afraid, very afraid." A good example (which I loved writing) in your face was the birth posting, or the ice ice baby where I told mom to pay up because it was a cold day in hell and it snowed . I didn't mean to dismiss what they had done to me, or the seriousness of the topic. It was something in me needing to detatch from my emotions.

Enough about that, now for the photo shoot. We had an ice storm the night before which I am sure a lot of bloggers from S.C. have writen postings of this phenomenon. After we have the before conversation, she says grab your stuff and let's head for the cliffs (a few blocks away.) So we go there, I take off my jacket she starts to shoot my new pics. In the parking space next to where we were park was an older gentleman eating a doughnut checking me out. (Bald and skinny.)

We shoot the stripped shirts shots and I change into Jules's favorite black shirt I own right next to him. His eyes bulging out he can't stop stairing my way. So not my type!!! We finish the black shirt photos and I said "Let's try a few with the shirt off" Now mind you we just had that ice storm. I think the tempeture might have been somewhere in the low 40's. We get the shots we wanted and Jules tells me to walk towards the car and don't put on any top. I do so and I am freezing by now. I know I only have 9 percent body fat so there is little insulation on me. I get to the car and she says "That one was for the doughnut guy." You just to have to love "Jules in the jewel box." Check out the new pic on my profile.


  • How glamorous. I HATE having my picture taken. You make it sound like fun.

    By Blogger Rabbit, At 6:30 PM  

  • slamming.

    - jules

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:04 PM  

  • I do the same thing with humor. Some of the tough, tough situations I have found myself in, and I was cracking jokes. If it wasn't for my sense of humor I would have been chewing through the restraints long, long ago.

    By Blogger Party Girl, At 9:25 AM  

  • great new pic mikey. :)

    jules is a gem isn't she?


    By Blogger Sizzle, At 10:24 AM  

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