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Thanks Dave And Blown Away

Thanks Dave2 for reminding me of Wyland and Nelson. I also love their paintings!!!

I was starting to think that my wanting to educate everyone about HIV/AIDS was not being noticed. The work that the Gay Guru, myself, and everyone else who tries to educate about HIV/AIDS just went into one ear and out the other. I did a google search on my screen name and came across this and blew me away! I am so glad the word I'm trying to spread along with others is being taken seriously.

Sometimes we need to be reminded every once in awhile that people do notice our work even though it's not mentioned. Now if I could only get a computer for my room so I can continue my work without jumping on everyone elses computers. I wonder if Bill Gates would help me get a computer getting that 44 billion from that other guy for his help to fight Aids. Bill has to spend all that money in one year. Hey Bill, Can you read me now?


  • i did a blog a while back on some of the more famous people we've lost to HIV/AIDS. what a tragedy. let's keep putting the word out there. if people are still getting infected, then it's everyone's responsibility to keep getting the information out there. keep up the good work mikey. you rock!

    By Anonymous ~*~ pinky ~*~, At 12:09 PM  

  • Can you believe that Warren Buffet is donating about 40 billion of his money and keeping only 2 billion?

    ONLY 2 BILLION??!!


    By Blogger WAT, At 12:45 PM  

  • He's keepin' 2 Billion..I can't imagine 2 billion, let alone 40 billion.........Mikey, I hear ya" don't want much, just enough to pay my bills give me a little cushion and some bucks to help you & Joey....... Hang in there, Karma , you're due Mikey!

    By Blogger A Voice For My Random Thoughts, At 9:48 PM  

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