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I find myself to be be moody right now. With having seen Ms. Sizzle for one of the last times for awhile at her going away party at the org. Thinking on what to due about my computer problems and still try to make the bills and rent. Find that my muse for writing seems to be stained at the moment and not really knowing when how long it will take me awhile to catch up on everyones lives.

I really feel like I left down GG this month with the HIV blog. Not writing a story and us not getting any stories from the website. That Juan today told me that he still hasn't filled out the questionair about Cuba yet for the site due to other commitments. It's just that my emotions are running very deep right now.

I am learning that I use this blog as a diary in which before this past October, I never would have never dreamed in doing. I feel like I am negelicting my readers due to the amount of time I am able to be on a computer and not having time to read your blogs.

Tonight I feel like I need an escapism. Just to get away from everything for a few days. I can always blame it on the meds but I don't think tonight is one of them. You see everytime we go threw moods like the one I am having tonight, we think of people, places, and things from our past that we couldn't remember for years.

Meloncally is a great way to discribe my mood. For the past few weeks I have really noticed one of the side effects of the meds. It is what is known as fat redistribution. The checks on my face are caving in and the fat is going to different areas of my body. Like under my chin and to my sides. I was told this would happen but I guess really wasn't ready for this so soon. If you look at the picture you can see why you very rarely see a profile shot of me on this blog.


  • Cutie Pie,
    This is first time I'm seeing you as an unhappy(moody) person. If you think your mood swings because of your medicines, please talk to your doctor before it gets too late.
    Your profile still looks cute.
    Should I dance hula for you. :-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3:56 AM  

  • Hmmmm..the redistibution of fat for me, usually has to do with an Entemens Ulitmate Crumb Cake (with butter nuked on it no less,) lol, guess thats why I am on this damn diet to turn from the cute, cuddly, chubby guru to the cute, cuddly, eh, he's not so bad guru, haha. As for the site, the update will be up July 1st, and it looks great, between the things you did have a chance to send me, and stuff I found, we have another great informative page, I think, so it's all good and you are still the greatest for helping me with it. Melancholy can be good to reflect, but if you dwell in it, ask for some new meds, it's a beautiful place to visit, but you dont wanna live there. Luv ya Mikey.....GG

    By Blogger The Gay Guru, At 5:31 AM  

  • Just wanted to give you big ol' hugs! You take care of YOU first...then thinking about others.

    Besides, most of our blogs are crap anyway. Karl, Kevin, me? Yeah...just crap no one should have to read.


    *runs away before those two get here*

    By Anonymous Chase, At 6:13 AM  

  • I'm here. And I'm smacking Chase for talking smack despite the fact I agree with her. About her blog, at least. ;-)

    You gotta take care of you, man. We understand and will still be here waiting for you when all is in order.

    By Blogger kapgar, At 8:05 AM  

  • awwww. i hate seeing you down mikey. i think GG's suggestion of crumb cake w/melted butter sounds good. i've done it w/the entemann's crumb cake donuts. who saw that years ago on rosie? i did! and i still like it. cheer up, pookie pie. we'll all be here when you're feeling better. or even when you're feeling down. be you for YOU, not anybody else.

    p.s. my blog is crap too. isn't that the point? LOL

    By Anonymous ~*~ pinky ~*~, At 7:25 PM  

  • Now Mikey, you know I'm still playing the lottery for us, right? And there will be TONS of Entenmann's cheese or raspberry yummy stuff...dang, now I've gotta have some. Gee, thanks, GG! Ooops, almost forgot Eye Candy...off I go. Love ya, Mikey. :)

    By Anonymous SoCalGal, At 8:29 PM  

  • I think you need some of Joey's pROSSac!lol....check out the yogurt or acidophullus with that Antibiotic, It's starting to get the best of ya Pookie......Nice Eye Candy...

    By Blogger A Voice For My Random Thoughts, At 10:48 PM  

  • I am so right there with you this week.
    I've just been sad. Not depressed. Not angry. Not moody, just sad. No other way to describe it.

    I hope things get better for you today and for the rest of the week.

    Take care, love.

    By Blogger Party Girl, At 7:33 AM  

  • I am so right there with you this week.
    I've just been sad. Not depressed. Not angry. Not moody, just sad. No other way to describe it.

    I hope things get better for you today and for the rest of the week.

    Take care, love.

    By Blogger Party Girl, At 7:33 AM  

  • Aww sweety. I'm sorry you are feeling so down. That's a horrible feeling. Thanks so much for the happy grams on myspace. That meant a lot that you took the time to send them. As far as blogging, I think that sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to blog for others when it really should just be for us. I don't think you will lose any regulars if you only post when you feel like it. Don't let it be an added pressure. Do it for you.

    Get well soon! xoxo

    By Blogger JAX, At 7:54 AM  

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