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Amish Chicken and Corn Soup

I didn't know how much I would miss East Coast food till I moved out here to California. Especially Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. I grew up in Lancaster and ate such things as shoe fly pie, chicken and waffles, chicken corn soup, whoopie pies (picture shown) Turkey Hill iced tea (The Worlds best) TastyKakes(brand name) Wilbur dark chocolate buds (better then Hershey kisses). I got a real craving for chicken and corn soup. I went on line and looked it up for a recipe. When I found some I said what the hell is this crap there putting in the soup. Crumbled Flour? Noodles? 1/4 cup of milk? Carrots? Yuck!!!! That's not authentic!!! I already knew the ingredients were:

1: Chicken you boil down then debone it- man I hated doing that
2: Corn- I like fresh but used can this time you can also use frozen
3: Onions - chopped medium
4: Celery - sliced
5: parsley
6: some saffron - if you like
7: sliced hard boiled eggs- I had to hand slice the eggs, our slicer disappeared
8: salt and pepper to taste

The thing about this soup is the longer it cooks the better the taste. It also tastes better on the second day. So I made my own recipe from the ingredients above and made a big pot for my roomie Driver and myself. I did go a little over board on the amount of corn and other ingredients I put in to the soup. There wasn't enough broth. I'll know better next time. I'll also get a real Amish chicken complete with black hat and subspenders to enhance the taste in my soup. My next craving that I've had for awhile and will try to make are whoopie pies. YUM!!! Ps I put up two posting today my friends. Bloggers messing with me shifting these two postings back and forth. I'm sorry.


  • whoopie pies sounds like a whole lot of fun! what a fun name. :)

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 1:44 PM  

  • having tasted the soup i have to say - sublime and a parfect cold winter treat.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:26 PM  

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