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The Long's experience (part Deux)

Earlier this week, Ms. Sizzle that hot babe who I absolutely adore wrote a blog posting "How To Lose A Year of Your Life Without Trying." Well guess what people I'm going to elaborate on that posting today. Yesterday I had to pick up something from the same Long's. A 20 minute trip turned into an hour ordeal. First just like Ms. Sizzle I had and an earthly Santa Cruz person causing problems in line. Only mine was a female with dread locks. This woman was talking on the cell phone, going back and forth picking up more items for the clerk to check out, and talking to cashier at the same time. Multi tasking was so not this woman's forte. So after what seemed an eternity she leaves and the cashier wrings up the next customer. No problems with this customer. "GOOD!!" My turn, I reached the cashier and ask for my order. I hear "We're sorry Mikey we ran out of that yesterday. We just got that in today and it will take 20 minutes to fill that order." So go I go to a chair and sit and wait, and wait,and wait. 20 minutes goes by my name not called. 30 minutes goes by nothing. After sitting and waiting and for an hour and getting pissed now!! Then I hear "Mikey your order's ready." "Finally". I will give the cashier credit. She did apologize for all the inconvenience. I am so glad I wasn't in a hurry like Ms. Sizzle. It would have taken a year out of my life without trying.


  • i should follow the Emily's Bakery motto: Relax, you have plenty of time.

    It doesn't always work though!

    :) Sizz

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 3:01 PM  

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