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Les Miserables

So it's late at night. I can't sleep worth shit. I have to help my roomie get up to go to a function in a few hours. Early today I rented the 10th year anniversary concert of "Les Miserable" the dream cast from the library. So I slipped it into the VCR and start to listen to the concert and write another posting. In the middle of the second act Jean Valjean sings "Bring Him Home" and the song starts me to think. First of all I'm not a fan of the government right now, and I think even less of President Bush and the war in Iraq. As Colm Wilkinson starts sing pouring his heart and soul out into this song. I think of how many parents of our military personnel want to sing THAT to President Bush. To bring our men and women back from the war. How many lives do we have to loose from a war that we were falsely informed about by the government. How poignant that song is for our society today. Now I'm not saying Saddam shouldn't have been overthrown. I think he should have been overthrown. I just really hate being lied to by the government. Aren't the politicians suppose to work for the general public and at least release information what is factual? Who appointed the United States to be the peace keepers of the world? Why does it seems that the United States is always the first to rush in when there is a problem somewhere? Did I miss something? For those of you who don't know "Les Miserable" it's one of my favorite shows. The lyrics of this show are incredible. It's a story about a man who steals a loaf of bread and goes to prison for 20 years in France. I know it sounds boring but trust me it's not boring. After he's out, he brakes the terms of his parole and he runs from the law for the rest of his life. So I just want to say to all the parents of all our military personnel out there I say " Bring them ALL home. NOW!!" so go to this url and listen to "Bring Him Home"


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