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Sleepy Time Iggy

For the past few day's I have been watching Remy's and Jules's house. Feeling uncomfortable sleeping in other peoples beds, I crashed out on their couch with the dogs fighting them just for sleeping space. I already informed you Fat Lola is a slightly overweight beagle. What I haven't told you is Iggy is a miniature greyhound. Jules informed me that he likes to sleep under the covers behind your knee joints. Well Saturday night(my last night house sitting) I had the Fantastic 4 DVD playing, and half a sleep. Fat Lola was slumbering at my feet snorting away. Iggy was up in Jules and Remy's bed so I thought I'm safe for the night, only one dog to fight tonight for the couch, and sleep. Let me tell you something I was so wrong. If ever an animal could curse you out, Iggy told me that night to go to hell and back. He used every curse word in doggy language that he knew. He's started yapping, and growling at me like there was no tomorrow. How dare I try to sleep and not tell him "Sleepy time Iggy How dare I let Fat Lola be with me and not him." After he cursed me out for a good 10 minutes Iggy stuck his tail high in the air, went three quarters of the way up the stairs, and told me off once last time. So the next time Jules and Remy ask me to house sit I'll know to tell Iggy it's bed time.


  • i warned you that he was persinickety. guess i forgot to tell you that he hates being left out too.

    :-) jules

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:57 PM  

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