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It's A Downer Dude

Right now I'm so frustrated at trying finding employment I could just spit nails, thumbtacks, broad axes, clamors, you name it. Me being six weeks late on rent, the landlord calling every other day placing more stress on me and calling Driver about how my search for employment is going is uncool. I don't know how much more mental anguish, frustration, roadblocks I can handle. It's like you have to know someone just to get hired in this town. The fast food joints want high school kids that only want minimum wage. Other employers want you to have a degree in this or that, or be bi lingual. This is one of those days where I would like to take a long walk off a short Municipal Wharf Pier. This is one of those nights you hide in your room and not deal with the world. So tomorrows another day, another destiny. To see what this life has in store for me. It's such a downer dude trying to find employment.


  • YIKES! I'm a reader over here via Jules at Lilywhiteintentions.
    Sounds like it's pretty tough up there...there's not even any temp jobs through an agency or anything? I swear if this country doesn't pull its head out of its collective ass soon I'm gonna go insane!

    By Blogger Miss Bliss, At 1:13 PM  

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