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Well the landlord if you could call her that came over today and stated I'm on very thin ice. That I should be making SERIOUS PLANS to move. She was upset that Driver has two friends over and that I didn't snitch on him. That the door to his room was painted black. That she is coming over in the morning to lock all the rooms that are not rented. She told Driver on the phone the new management people are going to be shown the house again on Friday. One thing I learned about landlords that the almighty dollar is the most important thing in their lives. It doesn't matter to them if the job market is almost non-existent in this area or I'm too qualified, or not qualified enough for their positions. It doest matter employers think I'm a health and insurance risk and won't even give me an interview. It doesn't matter the state cut off my funds due to the numbers game. Very few landlords of my experience are compassionate people. A personel note to all my fellow bloggers out there. Due to my stress level creativity is lacking in my writing.


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