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Ben Who?

As you know, I am still house sitting for Jules and Remy. I am also watching their two dogs Iggy and Fat Lola. As much as I tried, these two dogs refuse me to walk them separate. Like all people, and animals these two dogs have different temperaments inside and outside the house. Sometimes when I am walking them, I feel like Ben Hur driving his chariot to the coliseum for the great chariot race without his chariot. I put my reins on my precious team, and then I put on my gladiator armor. With a rein in each hand, I drive my team to the coliseum aka the local park. In my youth, growing up next to a farm in Pennsylvania, the farmer next door used to allow me to drive the different teams of horses during bailing season. Iggy is no problem, he is like a new born foal easily managed. Fat Lola is like a very heavy draft horse who you have to restrained at all times and will try to break away from you every chance she gets. Walking them gives me the same exhilaration as in my youth driving the wagon horses. So watch out Charlton Heston, for one day soon, Iggy, Fat Lola, and Mikey will challenge you to a chariot race. So you actually played Ben who?


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