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Master Bates

I know being a huge movie buff I should have seen Alfred Hitchcock's "Pyscho" long before last night. Well I rented it for the first time from our public library. I know shame on me. Only thing I have to say is "WOW". I understand now why critics and audiences have always raved about this film. Hitchcock leaving the violence to the imagination and not in your face like the horror genera is today. You know it's happening but with the quick cut's and background score enhancing the scene you feel not see the violence.. Janet Leigh's and Anthony Perkins's performances are amazing. Hitchcock modernizing Sophocle's Oedipus Rex for 1960 when the film was released. The well written scenes between Perkins and Leigh at Bates motel. The only criticism I have is the explanation of Norman's psychic scene with the psychiatrist at the end of the film was too long for my taste. Today's questions are these:

1- When Norman was under the age of thirteen was he called "Master Bates?"

2- Was it the start of him going "Psycho" long before he saw his mother in bed with her lover?


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