Poz Mikey


Weirdest Things

Ok so I'm becoming a professional blogger. This is my second posting today. In a previous posting called "The Strangest Call" I told you the weirdest things happen to me. Well today I was getting ready to go job hunting. I hear the door ring and rush down to answer the door. There waiting for me is a young Latino woman I never seen standing on the porch. I asked her can I help you? She ask me is this the union. I say no you have the wrong address. Now on our front door is a sign that says Private Property No Tresspassing. So how could she think our house was a union building. I've lived here for over a year and didn't know there was a union with in a few blocks of my house. Is there an union within a few blocks? All the same I'll reiterate this statement. The weirdest things do happen to me.