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Best In Show

Right now I am house sitting for my dear friends Jules and Remy. Now they have two dogs which absolutely adore me, and I adore them. The one I'm going to blog about today is Fat Lola. Now Lola is a slightly overweight, affectionate beagle. So I was chilling today in front of the television with a DVD, and she tells me she has to do her business. So I get her ready first, then I grab my jacket and we are off to the races. I take her down to the near by park so she can do her duty. After she's done, she acts like she just won the Westminster Kennel Club's Best in Show. I kid you not. Queen Elizabeth of England has nothing on Lola after she's done her duty. Her attitude says "Look at me, I'm the best dog that's ever been born." Her tail standing straight up wagging for all the world to see. Strutting along like no other dog can. Her expression saying I'm the happiest dog alive and nothing can bring me down. Needless to say every time I see her do this I laugh. So if there was a category for slightly overweight beagles Lola would be Best In Show.


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