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Easter Eggs from the GBBMC Postings

Day 1 My Night Of Nights

My Night of Nights was a play on words for Your Show Of Shows in which Brooks wrote for.

Disclaimer: The Bill &Ted/Paul Maud Dib was that I would be jumping to the different points in Mel Brook's life.

Gregory aka Private Hines was Gregory Hines who worked with Brooks in "The History Of The World Part One."

Brooks did do the Jolson thing but I don't know if he used black face.

The whole hooker/bar bit was a rip off of Brooks "Blazing Saddles"with a reverse racial twist.

The foreskin joke was from a previous posting of mine.

Day two "The Party."

Mel and Carl really did do the "2,000 year old man skit" at parties before they cut the record.

There were two Mels that wrote for "Your Show Of Shows." Mel Brooks and Mel Tolkin. That's how I was able to use Mel's name in this posting. The rest were the writing staff.

An accidental Easter egg happened in this posting. I didn't want to mention "The Producers" Leo, or Max till day 3. The real producer on the show was Max Liebman. Max from the movie and musical of the producers was not based on him.

Brooks did have gout surgery before the went on the air doing the 2000 year old man. Carl was really making fun of Brook's pain.

Day 3 " And Here's To You .....Annie"

Dustin and Mel and Annie really were neighbors in New York City.

Dustin was under contract to play Leo Bloom in "The Producers." Brook's let him break his contract to play the part of Ben.

The age differences were all true.

Mikey was Mike Nichols the director. I thought it would be funny using Mikey. Just look up at my header.

The leg shot really was Linda Gray's.

The all who were to play Ben was true.

I thought it would be funny for Annie to be angry at playing Mrs. Robinson. It was one of her most famous roles.

Mike did want Jeanne Moreau to play Mrs. Robinson. The producers were against her wanting an American actress to play the part of Mrs. Robinson.

The whole "Whap" thing was an homage to Brooks. He used the same gag in different movies.

Day 4 "My Comicality Crew"

"Gods and Monsters" was a movie made about the last few days of James Whale's life. The director of the 1931 "Frankenstein."

Hackman really did come up with the espresso line on the set. Which led into the coffee whore line which I posted for fun one day. I really do love coffee.

The skulls were real except the 6 months decade. Marty's ad lib "I ain't got nobody" wasn't an ad lib it was written into the script. The Mel shitting himself was also all my doing.

The Turning Point was a movie Annie did in 1977. I love that movie. Netflex it if you can.

Mel and Gene did write extra scenes so the cast could keep working together.

Blazing Saddles, The Graduate, Young Frankenstein, and The Producers are all in the top 15 of AFI's list of America's 100 Greatest Comedies.

The whole Annie part of the posting was written 3 hours before post time. I felt I needed Annie in my postings one more time with Mel before day 5.

Starting on this post I used The GBBMC Broadcast Blogger System at the beginning of the post. This was a gag on the emergency broadcast system. We had a few alerts from them about flash flooding from all the rain we had while I was writing the last two postings.

Day 5 Springtime For Hitler And Germany, And Me Too

The Title is a song they use in "The Producers."

Jewidish came from Spaceballs.

High Anxiety was a movie Brooks made.

The 15, 12 Tony award gag was a spin of the Moses gag in "History Of The World Part I."

They like us. They really like us. If you don't know this one I am going to play an Annie on you. Whap

Last is the EEEEEEEEEEE was from a posting I did a couple of weeks ago.

Again may I say "May the Schwartz be with you."


  • Mikey - well done! I figured it out on the 3rd day, the first two, I was totally clueless. As I read your reveal and read the last two posts, it all came together. I also learned a lot of movie trivia, especially about Linda Grey's legs!

    By Blogger Claire, At 7:46 AM  

  • congrats on your win! you did a great job with this mikey. :)

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 12:10 PM  

  • dude...you continue to surprise and amaze me. and hey, i KNEW you'd be good at this.

    By Blogger Jules, At 1:21 PM  

  • Loved it, loved it, loved it! I'm a big Mel Brooks fan but there were lots of cool things you wrote about that I didn't know. Great stuff, man.

    By Blogger Karl, At 7:48 PM  

  • Claire- Me too I knew alot about Brooks but I learned alot more writing these postings.

    The Sizz- Thanks love. I found out I was a winner when I read your E mail before going to Kapgars site. It ment alot to me coming from you.

    Jules-I never knew. Oy Vey. who'd figure

    Karl E- I am too. Thanks again

    By Blogger Mikey, At 9:15 PM  

  • "May the Schwartz be with you." The best line ever written! :)

    By Anonymous groovebunny, At 3:45 AM  

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