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The Documentary About My Life Living With AIDS

Last Saturday was the premier of the short documentary about my life living with AIDS. This documentary was for the Youth Empowering Youth Project here in Santa Cruz. The documentary crew was a few high school students in which I had an amazing time with those students.

I walked into the theater to see myself on the big screen for the first time. The documentary was shown with a buch of other high school students documentaries about issues here in Santa Cruz county. In the middle of seeing myself on screen I started to cry hearing my story. It made me realize how much I've been threw these four plus years. It also showed me that my sense of humor has kept me from going over the edge and what a strong and powerful message I have to deliver.

The only thing that was wrong with the documentary was who ever put the DVD together screwed up the sound tracks on most of the documentaries. It was like watch bad dubbed, 1970's martial arts films. I think all the students from the Youth Empowering Youth Project did an amazing job. I also felt so bad for those students because their hard work was messed up by the person who rendered the soundtrack.