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5 More Things You Don't Know About Me

1) I carry a spare pair of underwear with me encase I have an accident due to one of my meds. I have diarrhea all the time. I never know if I'm going to fart or slightly shit myself.

2) I hate my teeth so you never see them in pictures.

3) My counselor told me I have been suffering from emotional fatigue the last month and a half. I haven't been working out like I would like to work out.

4) My favorite song right now is called "The Internet Is For Porn." You'll find it on You Tube.

5) I always have some type of pain or ache 24/7. It's mostly in my back or in my abdomen.



Surf's Up

So awhile back my doctor said that my T cell count was high enough for me to go back in the water. I've been dying to get back in the water, but the water here in Santa Cruz is very cold. It's so cold you need a wet suit to stay in the water any amount. of time.

This weekend I found a very good, used, neck opening, 4/3mm wet suit. The price was only $60.00 dollars for the suit. Now the ones I have been looking at new run between $200.00 and $400.00 dollars and they didn't fit me well.

I purchased a very good boogie board at Costco for $30.00 dollars a few months ago. The place where I bought my wet suit had a boogie board bag on consignment for only $25.00 dollars. New they run $50.00 dollars and I scored that bag too.

Now I can carry my boogie board and my suit on my back while riding my bike with no issues. Do you think I'm stoked right now? Hell yeah, I went into the water today. BTW one of my roomies just told me while I was boogie boarding, a surfer was hit by a 20 great white in Marina which is less then half an hour from where I was boogie boarding. Well I do live in the red triangle.



Big Events

So within the next few weeks I have some big events coming up in my life, The first one is a blogger BBQ on September 8th. I'm so excited to see these bloggers and chat buddies. I can see us all now sitting at the picnic table with our computers saying..."Instant message me or post me, post me!!"

On September 30th it will be the three year anniversary of when I found out I had HIV/AIDS. From going from full blown AIDS to where I am now, I have to believe in miracles and a higher being. From living with this disease I have found out I have a inner strength which I never dreamed to think was in me.

From October 1-7 our salon will be participating in the trichotillomania salon week. We are going to give people a safe environment to take care of there needs. To learn more you can visit the TLC website here.

On October 6 it will be my birthday. I'm not sure exactly how I want to celebrate because of work and trich salon week. I do know I would love to go skydiving for my birthday. I'm not sure if it's going to happen this year but if I save enough and talk someone in going with me, I'd love to jump tandem out of a plane. It's one of about seven of my life goals.



Arafat Had HIV

August 13, 2007

Arafat Had HIV

The personal physician of Yasser Arafat confirmed this weekend that HIV antibodies were present in the former Palestinian leader’s blood, adding that it was poison, not AIDS, that killed Arafat in November of 2004 in Paris.

Dr. Ashraf al-Kurdi, who had been Arafat’s personal physician for 18 years up until a few weeks prior to his death, claimed in an interview this weekend with Al Jazeera that the leader had been injected with HIV-infected blood prior to his death to cover up the poisoning. Due to French law, Arafat’s medical records were never released to anyone outside of his immediate family.

An interview last month with one of Arafat’s confidantes revealed that the official cause of death had been a “blood disorder,” which may have been HIV.

Info from Poz.com



Trichotillomania Retreat

So one of the things we deal we at work is working with people who have trichotillomania. We style hair pieces which give them a better self esteem. You see when we work with people who need hair pieces, I'm always outside the private room so the client doesn't feel uncomfortable.

People who have trichotillomania compulsively pullout or twist their hair, bite their nails, or pick their skin. No they are not crazy but they do have a disorder. I knew a lot about trich but never really got it until I helped the boss at the trichotillomania retreat on Thursday night.

It is one thing knowing about something. It is another seeing it first hand. I had a slight shock (to my embarrassment) when one of the hair pullers took off her hair piece. She was almost completely bald underneath her hair piece from pulling so bad.

I really got the message of the retreat and why my boss is so passionate about helping the people who suffer from trichotillomania. IMHO the general public needs to learn more about this disorder.

I must admit I have renewed respect for my boss with the work he does with the trichotillomania community. I'm just glad I was allowed to go up to the retreat the other night and get educated about this community. It was something I needed to see first hand. Our salon will also be participating in the national Trichotillomania salon week October 1 to 7 so they have a safe place to have their hair cut and to have their hair pieces styled.

If you like to learn more about trichotillomania. You can click here to visit the Trichotillomania Learning Center's website.



One Of Those Nights

As I am writing this post, I'm having one of those nights. You know where you get caught up in your head not sure where your life is going. Tonight I feel like my life is stagnated and I don't know what is the next step in my life.

I realized the last few years were for growing. A major growth in health and spirit. A growing in the inner and outer self. I think I'm coming close to another cross road in my life and unsure where my life will take me.

I do know the end of next month will be the three year anniversary of when I found out I was positive. I do know I'm quite a different person and have grown in leaps and bounds in the last three years. I'm just not sure what the next step is and hope I know what I have to do when I recognize it when it arrives.



The Mutant Queen From Hell

So I had to go to a client's 60th themed birthday party Friday night for work. This was the outfit I came up with for the party. I got hit on by straight women and drunk straight men. They loved my costume!!!!



Salon Tour

My work



A Few Things I Found Funny The Last Few Days

1- Warning Grandparents at play.

2- My husband Larry sings love songs.........to other women and not to me.

3- I ate a whole box of Lucky Charms. It turned my poo green. I had to Google green poo to see if I was alright.

4- You know he married my brother Greg. She's getting a pedicure now. (They client was a real woman)

5- You want to get between my legs? It came from a woman facialist to a woman client. We figured she was talking to her dog.