Poz Mikey


5 ThingsThat Pissed Me Off This Week

1: I have a cold I can't shake off.

2: I had really bad abdominal pain for two days at the beggining of the week.

3: I couldn't get up to San Fransisco for gay pride.

4: I signed up for yahoo personals.

5: I joined Gay.com personals.

footnote: I think in the last two are because people are afraid to date someone who is HIV positive and I'm very open about my HIV/AIDS status.



Get Tested Today!!



Extreme Make-Over: HIV/AIDS Edition

They are fixing the termite damage of our house. I feel like I'm living at Extreme HOME Make-Over: HIV/AIDS Edition. I'll be glad when they are done with the work!!



Abdominal Cramps

I've had abdominal cramps for the last 16 hours. I called my doctor and hope that he can see me to get it worked out. Right now my mid torso hurts like hell. I don't think it's serious but it's better to be safe then sorry.



My Week: The audio skips but you get what I'm saying



I Haven't Blogged This Week

A lot has been going on in my life and I haven't felt like blogging. I reposted one of my favorite posting on my MySpace blog. You can click here to read it this posting. Hugs Mikey




I'm sick and tired of being lonely and single. I'm about ready to get a pre paid Visa and join Gay.com!!




OMG work has exploded this week. Let me tell you this is one of the busiest weeks I have ever seen the boss have at the salon. It's only Thursday night and my ass is dragging already. Tomorrow is a 12 hour day and I think Saturday is a 9 hour day if not longer.

I just want to say I hope we have more weeks like this but I'll be glad when this week is over!!




Since I've been working out my hormones are in overload. I'm about to jump any cute, young guy with three legs!!



Holy Total Recall

So I went food shopping at the local Safeway the other day. I went up and down the isles getting my food. As I was about ready to get into the check out line, I noticed a woman pushing a cart. I stopped, my mouth dropped open, and I was too stunned to move.

What caused me to freeze up? The woman pushing the cart looked liked Arnold Schwarzenegger in drag from the movie "Total Recall." In the movie "Total Recall" Arnold tries to get to Mars and has on womens clothes and a fake womans head. The head malfunctions, splits open, Arnold takes off the head. The woman's head says "Have a nice day" (or something to that effect.) Then Arnold throws the head and the head explodes because there was a bomb in his prosthetic head.

I swear on my life, this woman looked like she was wearing the same prosthetic head. I just stood there waiting for her head to malfunction. I waited for her head to split open and Arnold to pop out. I made a V line then to the nearest check out line when I was able to move. I didn't want to see that woman take off her head saying " Have a nice day" then blowing up the Safeway with me being in the store.



Shooting Star

I saw a shooting star last night. I made a few wishes on that star. I just hope a few of my wishes come true!!



I Don't Do Bathrooms

So the owner of the salon gave me some of my back pay yesterday. Like every other queen what do you think I did? I went shopping!! Yes I bought two nice work shirts. A movie called "Latter Days" which absolutely rocks!! A new product (RED) shirt and everything I bought was on sale.

Well I had to use the restroom so I went into one of the department stores restroom in the mall. After I came out of the stall there was the cutest Latino male waiting there looking at me. He went into the stall and shook his head for me to follow him. WTF I don't do sex in public bathrooms.

As much as I wanted to do this guy, I don't know if he was legal age. If he was legal I would have liked to have gotten his phone number and gone somewhere safe to sleep with him. He was sooo my type. I did learn one thing from this whole encounter. Maybe there is a man somewhere here that's my type and maybe can have a relationship again. (Or a good one night stand)



Hair Dryer

My hair dryer blew up on me yesterday morning. I was either a flaming queen or I was just smoking!!



Mood Swing

While writing this I"m going threw one of my mood swings from the meds. Some people get these just because that's their life. For me it's a little bit rougher because it's tough for me to get out of my head.

You know those times when you feel you aren't good enough. You are striving towards goals that just seem to be just out of your grasp. You keep trying an trying but can't reach what you desire. My perception of how people view me is I'm always have to be happy and up beat. Tonight is not one of those nights. I just want to hide under the covers and hide from the world.

I know tomorrow I'll be fine, but I really dislike feeling down. Maybe it's because I had hopes of meeting someone at the retreat or gay pride this year. Hell just to go out on a date again. I think I'm just terrified to put myself back on the market. When I do put myself on the market and nothing happens, I get down on myself. Tomorrow please hurry up so I can get out of this mood.


540, 8, Undetectable

So I went to the nutritionist yesterday. I was hoping to get into the 8% body fat range. Needless to say I didn't do it, I'm at 9.8%. Some of the factors why I didn't was because I lost some weight so if I stayed the same weight where I was at it would have been lower.The good news is most people my age have 35 to 50 pounds of muscle. I have 70 pounds of muscle so I blew that number out of the water!!

She also showed me my latest labs a week early before I see my doctor. Right now my T cells also known as my CD 4 count is at 540. My viral load again is now undetectable. I've come along way since September 2004. This is the first time my T cells are over 500 since I first got sick!!

Most of you know when I first found out I had HIV/AIDS my viral load was 555,221 and my T cells were at 65. I must be doing something right. Since she knows I want to get into the 8% of body fat range. she has agreed to see me more often. She also gave me an exercise to build up my pecs more. She said I'm well on my way to hitting my goal and getting that V shape I've been so working hard on to achieve.

I see my nutritionist again in October around my birthday. My goal is still to hit that 8% body fat range or less. She also told my I'm in the top physical percentage for my age range and she likes us to be vain. It helps people with HIV/AIDS in the future when you workout and are in better shape. She also said if I have very little body fat it could be bad for me in the future. I think 8% is just right and it feels like the right target where I should be. I'm a VERY happy camper right now. I may not have hit one goal but I hit another with my T cells being over 500!!



Two Pics From Pride

So since I was in the Santa Cruz Pride parade I didn't get to take many pics. My best friend Jules came down from Modesto and sent me these.

Here I am with my boss!!

Here I am dancing with my group about to give some beads to Jules and her son Mouse.



The Rumors Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Mark Twain once stated "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." This line fit me so well yesterday. Many of you know that when I first became sick I was evicted from my place because I couldn't work, and my benefits haven't arrived so I couldn't pay my rent.

Well that asshole of a landlord went by the salon yesterday and saw me stand in front getting a breath of fresh air and I didn't see him. I noticed this man acting really weird peeking in the front door of the salon strangely. Little did I know it was the asshole of a landlord who evicted me.

Then he comes in the back door of the salon and I see it's him and he talks to me. He asked me how I was doing (like he really cared the asshole wanted me to be homeless and die on the streets.) He told me that my ex/roommate told him that I was dead. I was in shock but I so wanted to laugh right there in his face. Good for my ex to make him really feel guilty for not having no compassion. I'll be laughing about this encounter for a long time!!!!

footnote:I look pretty damn good for the walking dead!! Baaaa haaa haaaa