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Flu Shot

When the doctor saw how good my numbers were from the labs, he gave me a flu shot. This is the third time I have received a flu shot. The first two times I never had an effects from the shot.

This time however I'm feeling the few symptoms the last few days. Slightly feverish, a slight cough, but the worst part is a slight case of night sweats. I have been waking up like every hour slightly wet from sweating.

I know my body will fight this off but if it gets worse I'm going to the doctor. If it's a real cold it could be devastating.



I Splurged

So I went to pay my phone bill today downtown. I stopped by S.C.A.P. to drop a few thing off to the house manger. Then I started walking down the main drag here in Santa Cruz to the payment place.

I had to pass by the Gap to go pay my bill. In their window the had the "RED Campaign Manifesto" poster displayed in their window. So I walked into see what they were offering.

As much as I hate that all the donation money is going to Africa, I did find a shirt. Yes I broke down and splurged on myself. I think I look really good in this shirt plus part of my money went to help people living in Africa with HIV/AIDS. I love this look on me!!



Agador Turner

Since I can't embed You Tube to this blog for some reason. You will have to click here or here to watch this posting!!




So I want to the doctors yesterday for my lab results and to see how my kidneys were functioning. I was a little scared is going. When I walked into the reception area there was a sign that read "BEWARE: YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE SCARED!!"

I couldn't help myself but to laugh uncontrollably. Yes they had decorated behind their desk for Halloween. I feel that sign was so wrong to put up before seeing a doctor.

When the doctor gave me my lab results I received some fantastic news. My T cells jumped from 440 to 552 and my viral load is again undetectable. Two years ago my t cells were at 65 and my viral load was at 555,221!! On top of that since they changed one of my medications, my kidneys are working better. It was a VERY good day yesterday!!

This weekend I missed seeing Ms. Sizzle. Due to work and commitments I was not able to go to "The Red." I'm sorry love and hope to see you next time!!



Seeing Red

As you may know, Bono and "The One" campaign and "Global Fund" have teamed up with manufactures to do the "Red Campaign." This campaign is to raise money for people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

I personal feeling is that it is a wonderful idea to raise money for people living with HIV/AIDS. The consumer gets kewl items. The manufacturers donate up to 50 percent of their profits it's almost a win win situation for everyone.

The problem I have with this campaign is most of the money is going to Africa. They are saying their HIV clients are not getting their antivirals. Until we change the government attitudes in Africa they will not get their pills.

I saw a interview a few week ago with a health official from South Africa. I can not give you the direct quote but it when something like "We don't believe in the antivirals. We are trying treat HIV/AIDS with regular drugs."

I don't want to deny the people in Africa from getting medications. I feel it is important for them to receive their medications. My problem is if your the "Global Fund" and "The One Campaign" and you manifesto is to end world poverty and HIV/AIDS. Then use the money globally and not just in one Continent. My other problem is that Bono praised President Bush on his fight against AIDS on Larry King Friday night. President Bush has cut funding for people living with HIV in this country.

I will give props to Bono for his fight against HIV, but some of the things he said on Larry King turned my stomach. He mentioned that Americas founding fathers were his heroes. That there treasonous ways, their honor, and the vast wealth all went to the cause for Americas freedom from Great Britain.

He said that he would only put his honor at stake but not his vast wealth. I don't believe in being treasonous and I totally get his opinion on treason. What I don't get is not using your vast wealth for something believe is just. To me he sounded like he wanted to use other peoples money who our less fortunate and not his own money.

What do you think?



Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is national breast cancer awareness month. I know I'm posting this a little late but so much has been going in in my life. We deal with breast cancer clients all the time.

When they first call the salon,they are a little timid to talk to me. They only want to speak to my boss. After knowing me for awhile they will joke and carry on with me.

I feel one of the best programs in our area for cancer patients is the "Look Good, Feel Better" program. It is a program where cancer patients get free hair pieces that were donated. They also get free make up classes and make up so they look amazing.

It's sad when we find out one of our clients has passed away. Cancer is another disease we need to end!!



Wild Dolphins

I took this pic yesterday of two wild dolphins at Cowell's beach here in Santa Cruz!!



The Boss

All of you know "The Boss" took me to the aquarium for my birthday. We had an amazing time and the aquarium is one of my favorite places on the central coast.

We didn't have many clients on my birthday. What did we do all day? Well he did a drag show this weekend so I spent most of the day in his chair with drag queen wigs on my head for him to style. I wished I had my camera for there were some great Kodak moments.



Happy Birthday To Me

It's my birthday today. Anyone who want's to kick Ooops I mean kiss my ass can. Today I am working and tonight my friend Jules is making me dinner.



Jaws Jr. and I'm Pissed

Yesterday the boss took me to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to see the baby great white shark for my birthday. We had a great time together and I was going to put the video on this blog but something pissed me off. If you want to see the video you can click here to my blog on myspace and see the male baby great white shark.

This morning I looked at my You Tube account. There was a message from a radio station saying that the were going to use an audio bite from one of my video clips about the L. A. Gay and Lesbian campaigns "Aids the Gay Disease, Own It, Stop It!"

I was so excited when I herd that my work doing HIV/AIDS education was going to be broadcast. After listening to the pod cast I'm pissed. The announcer said "I'm am dying from this disease!!" The sound bite they used made me sound like I was on my death bed.

Guess what people, I'm not on my death bed and not dying from HIV/AIDS yet. I am a fighter and will keep fighting this disease with all my might.

Yes some national recognition would be great if the context is correct. This announcer used the sound bite out of context. I'm not a happy camper right now. What I will do is keep putting the word out about HIV/AIDS but will cover my ass more closely.



OMG What A Week

I hate giving kuddos to myself. I dislike people who need to be the center of attention but I'm going to do it today. First was my two year anniversary of find out I was positive.

Then I found out I was blogger of the month on Ross "the interns" Mathews blog. I love his blog and his chat room.

Today is the one year birthday of this blog. My first posting was about my best friend here in Santa Cruz. I love you Jules. Since adding the counter for this blog towards the beginning of this year. This blog has had over 12,500 hits. Happy Birthday my blog.

Speaking of birthdays, my birthday is this Friday. Yes I'll be turning a year old. Jules asked me to come over for dinner Friday night after work. I really don't expect much but if you like to get me something my wish list is on my sidebar. There I said it JULES!! ROFLMAO!! I will also be doing a video blog tomorrow if it comes out right. I hope everyone is having a great week like I am!!



Trichotillomania Awareness Week

From October 1st to October 8th is trichotillomania awareness week. All of you may ask what is trichotillomania? Trichotillomania is someone who compulsively pulls out hair.

They can pull out their hair from on top of their head. They also pull out their eye lashes and eye brow hair. They will pull out other peoples body hair. They can also pull out the fur of pets.

School teachers will have at least one student in their career who will have trichotillomania. How does this happened? Well do you remember when you were in science class and ask to pull out a hair from your head to look under a microscope?

Most of us said "Ouch that hurt," but someone in that that class said to themselves "Hmm that was kind of different and felt good." So they kept on pulling. For some people pulling is better then sex so I've herd!!

I'll admit I never herd of trichotillomania till I started working for my boss. To my surprise the National Trichotillomania Learning Center is located here in Santa Cruz.

My boss and deal with these clients sometimes at work. We do not try to cure them for their is no cure for trichotillomania. We just try to offer them some type of solution to their hair pulling problems so they can try to have a normal life.