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To Randall

Jules gave me the spread sheet so I could thank everyone who donated to help me get a new computer. I E-mailed everyone today and thanked them. Unfortunately your E mail address came back to me so you didn't get my thank you. Thank you sooo much for your generosity. Words can never say enough for my appreciation. Mikey



Candles For Peace

I found a group that is lighting virtual "Candles For Peace" in the Middle East on myspace. With all the death and suffering in this world, do we really want man made death too of thousands and thousands of lives? Let the war mongers of this world read our voices. There are other ways of solving problems then just going out and killing the innocents of this world. I have never tagged anyone with this blog but I am today. I'm tagging everyone to put these candles on your blog sidebar. Put these candles in your profile on myspace. Let the people in the Middle-East know not everyone wants war and we do care about their race.



Peeps To Thank

I just got the E mail from Jules for the peeps who helped me get a new computer. I will be E mailing each one of you the next few days to thank you. Mikey



Apologies And Pissed At Self

First to Jules and G.T. I'm so sorry Jules for calling your son "A little shit of a son." We talked on the phone but I want everyone to know how much I love and adore you and G.T. So to all my readers I fucked up!! I am so sorry again.

To "The Gay Guru" I'm sorry I haven't sent you that drug watch yet. I went to write it last night and picked up the Spanish version of the book I needed instead of the English version. I'm so pissed off at myself!! My English version is on Jules desk. "The Boss" has been keeping me super busy this week with the condo. I will get it out to you ASAP when I can get to Jules and pick up the English version.



Primer, Project Runway, Contest, Jules Mom

As I told you, I am helping "The Boss" paint his condo. Well yesterday I was sick all day from using the primer. I used a mask and that didn't help. I also worked another 7 hours on his condo not feeling well. I don't call in sick to work unless I'm really, really sick. Today I will be there painting while he is at the salon. I really do love my boss and he's one of the best bosses I ever had working. He also understands what having HIV is like since some of his friends have HIV.

I'm a fan of "Project Runway" on Bravo. Their catch phrase is how I treat my friends. "Your either in, or your out!" It's one of my guilty pleasures. For those of you on myspace, you can link and add them as a friend. I have them right now beside Ross "The Intern" on my top 24 friends. They are having a contest to go to the finals at Olympus Fashion week in NYC. I would love to win for two reasons. First I love NYC and would go to some shows on Broadway. The second would be I have some blogger buddies that live in that area and it would give me a chance to meet then in real life.

Speaking of contest, I promised the Gay Guru I would pimp his contest. GG has a contest like Pauly D. had where you have to answer 15 questions by linking to different bloggers. You could win a $50.00 gift card.

My friend Jules mom is in the hospital with heart pain. I called Jules last night and she was in the shower. I left a message with her son G.T. So Jules. I did call and check. Your little shit of a son might not have given you the message. Let G.T. know I blogged his ass. So please stop by Jules blog and give her mom get well wishes.



Wicked Weds. A Joke

Since I have a computer again, I am starting back up wicked Weds.

Two gay men were talking when one of them happened to mention that he had gotten circumcised last week.

"Can I see it?" asked his friend, so he promptly dropped his pants to show off his penis.

"Oooh," squealed the friend, "You look ten years younger!"




My body is really sore this morning from working on "The Boss" rental condo. His former renters were chain smokers that smoked in the condo. Yesterday we did zero painting. All I did was wash the smoke off the walls and ceiling for 7 hours and patched some nail holes in the wall.

I learned a few things yesterday. The first thing is drag queens hate physical labor. He was more interested in talking to is form neighbors then helping me. The second is I will never smoke again in a place unless the owners or renters smoke in their homes. Being a smoker I like to smoke but after wiping that shit off the walls for 7 hours I found it disgusting.

Oh yeah, not only is "The Boss" paying me to help him with his condo. He is also paying for meals for me to eat while I am there painting and slaving. Slaving LOLOLLOL. I'll also be using the pool at his condo today if the heat gets to me. So I'm going to be really busy this week.

I'll check in with everybody by the end of the week. GG I will get drug watch done by Friday.



Did You Ever...

Did you ever get so exited about something you forgot to do things. That was me on Sat. when I got the new computer. Yes, I flaked out. I wanted to pick up my drug book from Jules place to work on the new triple drug for the HIV site. I also wanted to give Jules my copy of the "Lost Blogs" to read. I didn't do either.

I will pick up a new drug book at S.C.A.P. and will stop by Jules house one day this week so she can read the "Lost Blogs." What can I say, I love the new computer and I am a big kid at heart!!

BTW "The Boss" wants me to help him paint his condo the next couple of days. I said yes. I am such stool sniffer sometimes and should get some extra pay!!!



Thank You

I just wanted to give a general thank you to all who donated money for me to get a new computer. I will be e mailing everyone separately to give you my thank you as soon as Jules give me the spread sheet. Words can not express how happy I am to be on the net and to be able to post. Getting the word out about HIV/AIDS is very important to me. I just want to thank you all again . I was able to get an e machine T3504.



An Interview With Jeanne White-Ginder (The Full Interview)

I found out I had the opportunity of interviewing Mrs. Jeanne White-Ginder the mother of Ryan White, the brave young man who put a human face to HIV/AIDS virus. Ryan was a middle class, hetrosexual boy who brought attention to the fact .that anyone can get HIV/AIDS, not just gay people or I.V. drug users.

This is what I knew about Ryan and Jeanne White-Ginder before the interview: That Ryan was infected by a blood transfusion. He and his family sued Ryan's school district for his right to attend school. Ryan was an activist for people living with HIV/AIDS and gained celebrity status in the 1980's through his activism. He testified in front of a congressional committee which led to the Ryan White (CARE) Act. CARE stands for "Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency."Jeanne White-Ginder stood by her son during his ordeal and his fight to stay alive living with the HIV/AIDS virus.

Waking up blurried eyed at 5:30 am in the morning, making a very strong pot of coffee and making sure my notes were together, I waited in anticipation for Jeanne White-Ginder to call. At 6:00 am my phone rang and I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Jeanne is an amazing, down to earth woman with the heart of gold, like a saint, with a sense of humor. I love Mrs. White-Ginder more now then I did before the interview. She graciously answered 15 questions for me in a phone interview and put me at ease within the first 30 seconds.

Mikey: Do you feel like Americans have become to complacent about HIV/AIDS?

Jeanne White-Ginder: Yes I feel that Americans have become complacent about HIV/AIDS. With the drug therapy in this country, I feel that Americans have the attitude that it is a disease which everyone can live with on a daily basis. I feel that education, earlier treatment, and detection are key factors in this country.

Mikey: How did your fellow employees at General Motors treat you when they found out Ryan was HIV positive?

Jeanne White-Ginder: They would leave spiteful, hateful notes on my computer, under the glass on my desk, and on my time card. They really didn't understand what HIV/AIDS was at that time. I stayed working there because I needed the insurance money so Ryan could get treatment, but eventually I took an early "Buy Out" and retirement plan. When Ryan was diagnosed I was praying it was something else and not HIV/AIDS.

Mikey: I couldn't find out in my research where Hubert (Ryan's father's) worked and how he was treated after Ryan's diagnosis?

Jeanne White-Ginder: Hubert and I were divorced before Ryan found out he was positive. He worked for General Motors till he retired. Though he paid child support he wanted very little to do with Ryan. Hubert died about a month after he retired from General Motors.

Mikey: How is Andrea (Ryan's sister) doing these days and is she active in HIV/AIDS awareness?

Jeanne White-Ginder: Andrea is living in Florida about 15 minutes from me. She worked in the department of child services and didn't like seeing the judges giving back children to drug users and child abusers. Andrea is now teaching 6th grade in Florida and mentions Ryan once in awhile to me. Andrea felt that AIDS ruled our lives for the 5 1/2 years while Ryan lived with the virus. Andrea doesn't like dealing with the media very much but will tell people she is Ryan's sister.

Mikey: Did Andrea feel pushed aside while Ryan was getting all the attention from the virus ?

Jeanne White-Ginder: Andrea was famous in her own right being an accomplished Roller Skater. She competed in about 6 different events. She had many friends in the roller skating world. Many here in the states and world wide. Due to finances, Andrea had to give it up skating for a while. Her coaches then gave her free lessons and her pairs partner and friends used to give her rides to practice. Being a mother I tried to give both children equal amount of attention. It was hard sometimes from us traveling so much.

Mikey: The Kokomo Tribune first printed Ryan's story March 3, 1985, who leaked it to the press?

Jeanne White-Ginder: Since Ryan's disease had to be reported to the CDC, they were able to put two and two together since Ryan was in the hospital . His teachers came to visit Ryan in the hospital right before Christmas. They brought flowers, gifts and cards when they came to see Ryan. They were asked to put on surgical gowns and mask. This was for Ryan's safety not theirs. They didn't go into see Ryan not understanding the HIV/AIDS virus. They were more of a threat to him then Ryan was to them. I thought they would know more about the virus then I did at that time.

Mikey: Do you feel too much attention is being placed on Africa with their problems with HIV/AIDS?

Jeanne White-Ginder: No, not really. Due to high tariffs importing the HIV/AIDS meds and not being able to receive them. Along with lack of education, doctors, government attitudes, and funding. I really don't think the world will get a handle on the AIDS epidemic in Africa. I believe that they are where we were 20 years ago, at square one. No scratch that, they are at minus square one. The rest of the world could learn a lot from the U.S. on how to treat people living with AIDS.

Mikey: Since Ryan knew Greg Louganis, did he tell you he was positive before releasing it to the general public?

Jeanne White-Ginder: I suspected Greg was positive. I didn't know for sure until he released his book. When he appeared on Oprah I was there to surprise him and give him support.

Mikey: Have you ever spoken at the World AIDS Conference?

Jeanne White-Ginder: No, the lack of funding has kept me from attending. I believe it is in Canada this year and I am hoping to attend. Contrary to popular belief, we never became rich from Ryan's activism for AIDS funding and research.

Mikey: Do you still have that guardian angel you kept by Ryan's bed?

Jeanne White-Ginder: Yes, I keep it by the scrapbook I have of Ryan's life. The wiring is a little bad so I have to jiggle the wire now to get it to light up.

Mikey: Do you feel that Ryan's legacy has been forgotten?

Jeanne White-Ginder: The older survivors now living with HIV/AIDS and the people who lived during that time period still remember Ryan. But the younger generation now a days don't even know Ryan's name. There is no one young, or old who is a role model for someone living with HIV/AIDS.

Mikey: Do you still keep in touch with Sir Elton John and Michael Jackson?

Jeanne White-Ginder: Michael called me this year to wish me a happy mother's day. With all the bad press Michael has received in this country, most people forget that he has a very gentle, kind, giving soul. As for Elton I have talked to him very little over the past couple years. He has been spending a lot of time in England with his partner. Andrea and I still get very decorative Christmas cards from him every year. When Elton visited Ryan, he always included Andrea in what he and Ryan were doing. He also brought her gifts like HardRock Cafe jackets from London and what not.

Mikey: Since First Lady Barbara Bush attended Ryan's funeral, how do you think her son's administration is handling the HIV/AIDS epidemic?

Jeanne White-Ginder: I will not bad mouth president Bush or his administration. President Bush right now has a lot on his plate. Funding and benefits are being cut everywhere to help support the war on terrorism

Mikey: I know you do public speaking about Ryan and his fight for AIDS benefits and research. What are you doing now a days?

Jeanne White-Ginder: I am on the AIDS Commission Board in Washington D.C. I also speak at benefits, colleges, and high schools. I hope to be working with Elton in a few months with his foundation.

Mikey: If you could tell the world one thing about HIV/AIDS what would it be?

Jeanne White-Ginder: Like cancer there is no cure for HIV/AIDS. This epidemic is only going to get worse until there is a cure. People all around the world are still dying from the HIV/AIDS virus.

Mikey: The Gay Guru(link on sidebar) and I want to thank you very much for taking time out of your schedule and doing this interview.

Here is what I learned researching information for the interview and talking to Mrs. White-Ginder; That Ryan contracted the virus while having part of a lung removed. Not only did the hospital give Ryan his Factor 8 (for clotting blood) treatments for his hemphillia, Jeanne White-Ginder used to give him his treatments at home. When Ryan was first diagnosed with the HIV/AIDS virus his CD 4 count (T-cells) were at 25. After Ryan's death, Mrs. White-Ginder wasn't sure if she could continue Ryan's work. Senator Ted Kennedy convinced her to testify in front of 23 congressmen which led to her ongoing fight for HIV/AIDS funding. Jeanne White-Ginder still believes their is still a (homphobic) stigma around people living with HIV/AIDS. As I knew, she stated in our interview that HIV/AIDS is a nondiscriminatory disease that infects anyone of any race and any age.

On a personal note I would like to say a few things. Over the years HIV/AIDS has, and is still destroying lives in this country and around the world. Living on a very low income, in a HIV/AIDS support house and having full-blown AIDS when first diagnosed (now undectectable.), I receive benefits from the Ryan White (CARE) Act. I can not thank you, Ryan and Jeanne, enough for your work dealing with HIV/AIDS virus. Through you and your son's work, you have saved and given me a chance to rebuild my life.

Jeanne White-Ginder in the past was public speaking 3 to 4 times a week. Mrs. White-Ginder is only speaking 2 to 3 times a month now about her and Ryan's cause fighting for people living with HIV/AIDS.If you like to learn more about Jeanne White-Ginder and Ryan you can visit http://ryanwhite.com/. There you will find Jeanne's and Ryan's stories. Both of their congressional testomonies, the timeline of Ryan's life, and Ryan's legacy. Should you like to contact Mrs. Jeanne White-Ginder to speak at your fund raiser, event, school, or interview her she can be contacted at Jwhiteginder@aol.com.



Unhijacking - Oh yeah, that's what I like!

Jules here. Back one last time to report that my demands have been met and this blog will be released come morning. That's right, we did it. No, wait, YOU DID IT. And I want to be the first to thank you deep-pocketed, big-hearted mikey-lovin' people. This morning, we not only met, but exceeded our Get-Mikey-Back-On-Line fundraising goal. Now, not only will Mikey have a brand-spanking-new computer, but he'll also have two cheeseburgers and some Jack-In-The-Box curly fries! I'll leave the big thanks to the man himself, but I DO want to say that you played hard and played well and all for a worthy-as-all-get-out cause. Pat yourselves on the back, or better yet, get someone cute to pat you somewhere more interesting.





Hijacked: An Update and Final Request

Earlier this week, I hijacked Mikey's blog in an effort to raise funds for a new computer that would get him back on-line in the comfort of his own home. I've been in the same situation before, waiting for an open computer at the library or relying on an understanding friend to give me a little screen time so I could get my internet fix. Of course, in those days, I hadn't created a whole gang of close, cyber friends. Now, if it happened to me, I'd feel much like Mikey does these days, cut off from my social circle and support system, like a quiet little mouse in a corner no one ever noticed. I simply wouldn't be myself.

I set out on Tuesday with the hope of raising $300. There's a sweet little box at Fry's that would be perfect and runs just about $300 with tax and trimmings. As of this morning, the total collected for this effort is $225. Many of you have generously jumped on Mikey's bandwagon and donated the price of lunch or dinner and more. I am, of course delighted and Mikey (though he didn't want me to do this in the first place) is surprised and overwhelmed and feeling, I think, rather loved. Isn't that what it's all about anyway? Feeling like you're alone in the world and then finding a way to reach out and connect with people and from that, being able to give and get love.

This will be my last post and final plea, because with just another $75 dollars, we'll have Mikey back on-line by next weekend;gabbing it up in the Ross Chats, making the blog rounds to remind you that YOU TOO are connected and loved, opening up his own daily life for inspection and commiseration, and wowing us all with his home-grown activism. Send what's in your pocket, or the change beneath the seat in your car. We're almost there.





I May Never Give Him Back His Blog

The good news is that we're halfway there. Seriously, the dearest of Mikeys is on the verge of having half a brand-spanking new computer. Now of course, even the best of us can't do much with half a computer, no matter how spanking it is, and so, I'm standing my ground and telling you now that I will not relinquish control of this space until we get where we're going. I may have to brawl with Mikey to get it done, but hey, I'm a do-er, and this is so damn doable. Now who is with me?




Still Hijacked: An Update

Two things, real quick like, and then I promise I'll get outa your hair.

1. As of today we are 1/4 of the way to our goal, and 25% closer to Mikey's New Computer (I swear, I can already hear it whir and smell its little metalic components).For those of you who've already donated, let me just say, you are too damn cool for words. For those of you who still want to, have at it.

2. To whomever kindly noted that the e-mail link in the below post wasn't working: thanks. I usually have web-gurus who take care of all the technicalities for me, and I apologize for the blunder. So, if you're interested in donating to Mikey's New Computer (did i mention that we're 1/4 of the way there?!) but you don't use PayPal, feel free to e-mail me at Jules@lilywhiteintentions.com and we'll work something out.



Hijacked: Mikey's New Computer

Jules here. And right away, I'd like to apologize for having hijacked Mikey's blog, but it's one of those moments in which i think a hijacking is called for. You see, Mikey and I have been sharing my computer for about a month now and while I love Mikey's company, I much prefer his face and full attention, to the back of his head and a "uh huh" when I'm in the midst of an animated tale about the bee I stepped on barefoot moments before. Oh wait, this isn't about me, is it? Right. It's about Mikey, you see, and the intensity of his withdrawls, in the aftermath of the death of his old computer.

A couple of weeks back, I suggested that Mikey plug in a Donation button, so his friends and readers could donate to his Computer Fund. He wouldn't hear of it. And I was reminded of a time a couple of years back when I too thought blogging was a pure art, sullied by money or requests of that sort. I got over it, and truth be told, I think the reality of a brand-spanking new computer would get Mikey over it pretty quick too. That said, here's the pitch:

For the price of lunch (or an uptown dinner date if you're feeling flush) you can contribute to the continuation of this blog and in doing so, improve the quality of our beloved Mikey's daily life. Just ckick on the button below and show Mikey what his friends are made of. We'll hold the funds until we reach the Cheap-But-Decent-Desktop goal and I'll update you along the way.

If you have a PayPal account, you can click on the button and note Mikey's New Computer in the Payment line. If you don't have PayPal, but want to donate, just let me know.




How I got the Interview (Stolen from The Gay Guru)


Evening Blogger Friends, sorry for such a wicked late post, already past 7 pm and I am just getting home. This new 9 hour workday is killing me three days into it, LOL. I will adjust back to it soon. Just a couple quick things since it's running so late tonight and then of course, Eye Candy!! Well, it finally happened this morning, Ryan White's mother, Jeanne White Ginder, was able to do an interview for the Gay Guru website. Here's the deal, if you are over 30, I hope you know how much Ryan White and his mother changed the face of HIV/AIDS in the mid 80's. A 13yo hemophiliac who contracted HIV through an infected blood transfusion, died a short 6 years later, having created an Act of Congress, Acts of Bravery, and a tremendous soul. Ryan's mother Jeanne, was instrumental in keeping her son equal and fighting for everyone's cause, not just his. She continues this fine work today. I contacted Mrs White-Ginder, a few weeks back, after featuring Ryan on the website's HIV Awareness page, and asked her if she would consent to an email interview. I was overjoyed when she wrote me back a couple weeks later and said she wouldnt mind at all. I sent her another e mail telling her that I would email the questions whenever was convenient for her. It's been almost two weeks, when suddenly, I get an e mail yesterday, that she would be willing to do a PHONE interview today at 9am. WOW!! Of course, as my luck usually runs, I had my new training started and have to be there by 7 am and cannot miss a day.

In comes Mikey, my HIV Awareness page editor, to the rescue. Mikey came up with interview questions, and filled in for me, AT 6AM IN THE MORNING CALIFORNIA TIME!! Now that's a trouper, Jeanne lives here on the East Coast and Mikey is on the West, out in Santa Cruz, California. I am so bummed I was not able to speak with Mrs White-Ginder in person, but so ever grateful to Mikey for stepping in and really going the extra mile this morning for me. He left a message on cloud 9 that he had finished the interview, and I called him on my break to see how it went. Mikey said she could not have been more gracious and spent over 45 minutes on the phone with him this morning. He came up with some excellent questions and got some fantastic and heartfelt answers from Jeanne, and he and I will both be sharing excerpts from the interview on Monday's blog, with the entire interview being posted on the website on the July 16th update. Thanx again Mikey for the great job, I cant wait to share this interview with you all readers and blogger friends, Ryan and Jeanne White are Icons to the HIV/AIDS awareness of the 80's, and finally got the str8 world to catch a glimpse of this disease without their prejudices.

I have more stuff to say, but am going to wait until tomorrow afternoon since this post is so late. I have a fun contest starting Monday, so be sure to check out the blog and website over the weekend for more information...The Gay Guru

Gay Guru- Thanks for the honor, Jeanne and Ryan are two of my heros. Mikey



Jeanne White Ginder

OMG I just interviewed Jeanne White Ginder the mother of Ryan White. The young man who brought world wide attention that anyone can get HIV/AIDS. I will be writing the interview up for the Gay Guru's HIV web site and posting it on my blog July 16th. I might post a short part of the interview before July 16th when I will post the full interview. She's an amazing down to earth woman.


Doctor Follow Up And Sorry GG

So I had a follow up doctor's appointment yesterday for my cold. The cold is gone (thank god) and I talked to him about the burning in my feet and my face waining. The burning sensation in my feet is called neuropathy(nerve damage), and the waining in my face is called lipoatrophy. It seems that the one drug I take which is Zerit has a habit causing this with people who have HIV/AIDS. The doctor is changing this drug to retrovir which in common terms is AZT. He said retrovir would be less harmful to my body then zerit. I am a little nervous switching one of the meds. but since I am doing so well the doctor said I should be fine.

Sorry GG I didn't get to work on the HIV site today. There was a woman before me who my doctor needed to hold her hand and baby sit for some reason. A one hour visit turned out to be a three hour visit. When I am writing for the Gay Guru's web site, I need to be in a quiet place to write. I had every intention of going to Jules today but the doctors office today was a mad house. I will get everything to you Monday.



Computer Update, HIV/AIDS Awareness And Oprah, AIDS Ride

So Jules is suppose to hear something about my computer from her computer guru to see if it can be saved this week. I am holding with baited breath praying that it will restart. I love Jules for everything she is doing for me. Thank you my dear.

Trying to put out what it's like living with HIV/AIDS on a daily basis is my calling in life. Being in a reflective mood the other night, I want the general public and the world wide web to know the ups and downs with living with this disease. Having to jump on friends computers all the time is becoming a strain for them and for me. I E mailed Oprah to see if she could help me get a new computer so I can keep working on the HIV/AIDS website and awareness without pestering my friends. Being on a limited income, I am having trouble saving up for a new P.C.

I'm committed folks. Yes, from going to having full blown AIDS with my T cells at 65 to riding in a 60 mile bike ride AIDS fund raiser this October 1 with my T cells 468. I will be celebrating my two year and 1 day anniversary of finding out I was positive this October 1st the day of the ride. I signed up for the ride this past Monday. The Santa Cruz AIDS Project is really struggling at the moment due to cuts in City, State, and Federal funding. My goal is to raise at least $500.00 dollars in contributions riding in this fund raiser. I will let all my internet friends know if they can call S.C.A.P. and make a contribution in my name for the Surf city ride so I get credit. I am so stoked now about doing this 60 mile ride.



Happy July 4th

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Peripheral Neuropathy

Burning, tingling, pain, nerve damage in feet and hands from the meds. Everytime I put on a pair of shoes the top of my feet slightly burn for a few hours. Wedensday's doctor's appointment should be a fun one!! I might be going on another med for counter acting this.



Flesh, Net, Fun

Ok I'll admit it, I have been spending alot of my computer time on myspace. I just read what I titled this posting and cracked myself up. It sounds like a pair of holey pantyhose that I would find in the bosses car. Oh BTW he made the S.F. news for gay pride with his outfit!! Well anyway, I love going threw peoples friends on myspace to see who I can find or who they are pretending to be, or that I am a fan.

I have been getting computer time by jumping on other peoples computers and changing my top 24 friends. They are people I know in the flesh, or just on the net, or people who seem like they be fun to hang, or just really fun to have as a friend. So keep checking my top 24 friends. You'll never know who I'll put up for a laugh.



This One's For Kapgar

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