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Are you Sirius?

A few weeks ago the salon signed up for Sirius satellite radio. They have all types of stations on Sirius. Such titles as the Elvis station, a Broadway, new age, sports, talk, and other genera stations. Well, we had a small break when no clients were in the salon. We turned it onto the Gay And Lesbian station. There was a gay dude and a lesbian talking about something. Then we hear the gay dude say to the lesbian (with a lisp) "You know, I only need three things in life. A sandwich, my remote, and a blow job!"

We were like OMG, we can't have this on when clients are in the salon. Then I got to thinking. Hmmm, I can go to the kitchen and make myself a sandwich. I know where my remote controls are located. Now where the hell is that blow job!!. Baaaaa haaaaa haaaa!!



Death: An AIDS Posting

For the last week, I haven't been able to make it to work from the winds and rain we are having in California. So today I made it to to work from having a break from all the rain to perform some of my duties.

I had quite a shocker from my boss today at work. One of his best friends died on Saturday from an AIDS related opportunistic infection know as PCP. PCP is an infection of the lungs caused by Pneumocystis carinii, which is thought to be a protozoa but may be more closely related to a fungus. P. carinii grows rapidly in the lungs of persons with AIDS and is a frequent AIDS- related cause of death. P. carinii infection sometimes may occur elsewhere in the body (skin, eye, spleen, liver, or heart). The standard treatment and prophylaxis for PCP is Bactrim, dapsone, or pentamidine.

Like me, he was part of that one in four living with but not knowing they had HIV/AIDS. Unlike me he refused to have him self tested for HIV/AIDS. In fact, he didn't have himself tested until the last week and a half before his death. Oh , he suspected he had the HIV/AIDS virus not wanting to know for certain that he was infected with HIV/AIDS.

This makes me wonder just how many lives were lost from people afraid of being tested for the HIV/AIDS virus. This impacts me to the importance of being tested for HIV/AIDS virus. This also makes me think of my own mortality living with HIV/AIDS. So to all my readers, even if you feel you don't need to be tested for HIV/AIDS. Please go and have yourself tested. We are losing way to many people in this world to the HIV/AIDS virus.

Footnote: Some of this posting was taking from About.com.



(RED) Dell And Windows

Yesterday, I found out that Dell computers, Windows, have joined the product (Red) campaign. As many of you know, I have been wanting a laptop for quite sometime. I have been looking around to see which laptop would be best for me. Trying to educate about HIV/AIDS on the web I can't think of a more appropriate laptop for me. All I can say is "Dude, I want a Dell!!"



Make* A * Wish For Adults?

With the controversy over The Orion groups fake video on the net about a youngster being granted a lifetime of wishes, I looked for an adult Make * A * Wish foundation for people who have chronic or terminal illnesses. Hoping maybe one of the organizations to make one of my dreams and wishes come true.

What I found was there are foundations for adults who are in the last 12 months of their lives to give wishes to adults. What I didn't find is any organizations who grants people who have chronic illnesses to grant their wishes. This leads me to believe if you have HIV taking your meds daily, fighting daily to stay healthy you don't qualify for these wishes.

It seems to me if you are not a fighter trying to stay healthy, not taking your meds and just wanting to lay down and die you would qualify for one of these wishes. From what I have seen living with HIV/AIDS the last three year this is the way benefits work also for people living with chronic illnesses.

All people who have chronic illnesses have dreams, wants, and desires. Some of mine are I'd like to have a laptop for I try to educate about HIV/AIDS on the web. I'd like to have a vacation somewhere like Hawaii, or Orland, Florida where there are a lot of theme parks. I'd like to fly to New York being in the cast of "RENT" as one of the characters on Broadway before it closes this June. I'd like to have a new flat screen television. How about a motorized vehicle to get around easier. I know I'm being selfish right now, but in my humble opinion I find it unfair to those of us who try to stay healthy who have wishes and dreams.

Footnote: As for the adults wishes for people who are terminal, the best one I have found so far is the Dream Foundation. Check them out to see the good work they do for adults.



Don't Tell Me...

Do you ever get tired of spam and adds on the net telling you you've won crap? Well , I do get tired of that crap. Things like You've won a vacation, laptops, gaming systems,flat screen televions, and other products.

These products would enhance my life. Yes, I do need a laptop for all the work I do on the net. Yes, I do need a new television unable to afford a new television. All I want to do is yell "GO AWAY I KNOW I COULD USE THESE ITEMS!!" Oh right the best on is "DO YOU KNOW THIS PERSON WANTS TO DATE YOU?" Don't tell me this shit and leave me alone!!




I've been down the last few days. I want so much out of life not sure how I can achieve my dreams. I've been hiding this from everyone who I know. People see a happy go lucky person on the outside, but on the inside I feel like I'm torn.

Sometimes I think I look at life vicariously, wishing to be other people not seeing or being the real me. I feel lost at the moment. Being there all time for others and not taking care of self. Oh, I do try to take care of myself but I need to say no sometimes to wishes of other folks.



Volunteering And Back Light

I'll be volunteering at the local Aids project as one of their online outreach personnel. I start to train tomorrow and will be able to work at home when I have one of my regular work weeks. I'm stoked that I'm even going to do more about HIV/AIDS awareness. One thing I didn't realize was all the paper work for doing outreach on line.

After my meeting, I went to the store to pick up something I needed for supper. I came back out of the store and saw I had no back light on my bike. The mounting had somehow broke off and it was laying on the ground. I need to get a new back light today.




I'm pissed off for my Until there's a cure bracelet disappeared about two weeks ago. I've searched high and low with no bracelet to be found. It seems I'm going to have to get another large size HIV/AIDS bracelet!!


Task Force Meeting

Last night I went to the Santa Cruz Ryan White Task Force meeting. This meeting was more of a budget meeting which didn't go well. You see, California is having some budget problems which means funding to HIV/AIDS education is being cut....again.

I really don't think the politicians for this state get if we are going to stop HIV/AIDS we are going to have to educate. I know benefits are being cut too again which really blows. How are we going to stop HIV/AIDS without education? Are we ever going to stop this disease?



Ryan White Task Force And Volunteering

I said I'd be more proactive in the world with eduacating and leaning about HIV/AIDS. Tonight I'll be attending the Santa Cruz Ryan White task force meeting. It's a two hour meeting tonight and I hope I get more eduaction with the issues of HIV/AIDS here in Santa Cruz.

I also asked to volunteer at the local AIDS project. I'm to have a meeting tomorrow with the person I'm to be working for doing outreach. I'm going to be helping with the online outreach program till something more physical pops up.



80 Percent

So I have been hanging out in the Gay.com chat room for my area hoping to meet that someone special. Since I couldn't get into my normal chat room, last night was no exception. Let's just say I was frisky and didn't meet anyone which put me in a slight depression last night. I kept thinking about the 80% of the population that won't date people with HIV. That I will never find a partner again or a sex buddy.

So this morning, I Googled 80% won't date people with HIV coming across some disturbing facts. Here are a few facts that I found......

1) 80% of new HIV infects are caused by risky behavior from 20% of people who have HIV.

2) 80% of people who have STDs won't tell their partners.

3) Almost 80% of people with HIV had experienced some form of prejudice or discrimination.

The CDC estimated about 80 percent of HIV-positive black women were infected through
heterosexual contact.

5) Nearly 80 percent of those infected with HIV are between 15 and 45 years old.

I just want to say I feel more depressed now.




The boss gave me a nice size gift card to the mall for my Christmas bonus. I found this work shirt today!!

It was $50.00 dollars and I bought it for $16.00 dollars. I also found this sweater today too!!

This sweater was $60.00 dollars and I bought it for $16.00 dollars!!

I can't believe I bought $110.00 dollars in clothes for $32.00 dollars!! I love good bargins!!



Get A Better Hairpiece!!





One of my resolutions this years was to become more proactive in HIV/AIDS awareness in the real world. Tonight I was to attend the Ryan White Santa Cruz task force meeting. Thankfully it was pushed back a week!! Today I was fighting a head ache most of the day. I didn't get rid of it till after the meeting was to end. I'll be attending next weeks meeting and keeping my resolution.