Poz Mikey


The American Dream

Isn't funny that when we were kids how we thought our lives would turn out when we became adults. The idealistic views that all possibilities were within our grasp. That we all would have well paying jobs. We would own a house in the suburbs with a significant other by our side. A nice automobile to drive around in to do our errands. To be able to afford all the necessities of life with no worries. Maybe I'm a little melancholy today. Maybe it might be the medications I have to take daily that are making me feel this way right now. When I was a kid I thought my life would be the American dream. It's funny how life throws you those unexpected loops. The unexpected dramas which form and change our lives forever. That we make those bad decisions in our life that bring us down to rock bottom. I still do want the American dream. Right now I feel I am running into road blocks striving just to stay on my feet. Why does nothing come easy for me. Why does everything feel like it has to be a chore. The harder I strive the tougher the road blocks. When is it my turn to get that one big break to turn my life around. Where is that significant other that I can share my inner most hopes, dreams, and desires. There is a saying that says " To every cloud there is a silver lining". Maybe I hit rock bottom emotionally so that the only way is up. I never expected my life to be what it is today. So let our children believe in the American dream. That all things are within their grasp. Let them be happy and carefree for as long as they can.


I could have watched it without the singing

Being wet, rainy and cold, not a good day for me to be out job hunting. I went to the library a few blocks from my house and rented "The Hobbit". Being a huge fan of "The Lord of The Rings" trilogy, I wanted to watch the animation version which was televised in 1977. This version has some really great voice talents such as John Huston, Orson Bean, Otto Preminger and others. For that time this version was quite well done. I only have one complaint. I could have watched it without the singing. There is a very sappy theme song with very sappy lyrics to this version done by a folk singer. It was so sappy I didn't even want to look it up on line to give the person credit for singing that sappy song. All through out this versions there are also little song breaks. URGGG. I hope that if Fran and Peter Jackson undertake "The Hobbit" as a film project. They do NOT put these song breaks in their film as a homage to the 1977 television version. What I hope they do put in is the quote "I'm Mr. Bilbo Baggins, I lost my dwarves, my wizard and my way." Don't we all feel that way sometimes.




Last night my ex Matthew called and told me about Keirsey.com. This sight tells a person what their temperament tends to be. So I took the test to see what kind of temperament personality I have. First off let me tell you there are 4 temperaments with four sub categories to each temperament. The 4 temperaments are, Artisans, Guardians, Idealist,and Rationals. Matthew said he came up Artisan. Well mine came up "Idealist". What it said blew me away it was so true. Such as in marriage I tend to look for a soulmate. Highly ethical in our actions we must be true to ourselves and others. When it comes to being dishonesty it can be quite hard for us to lie and if we have to lie we are quite hard on ourselves . That we tend to be hopeless romantics. They like to help others more then themselves. We tend to be good listeners. They have unique talent for helping people get along with each other. That they are filled with love and good will. This is just a small portion of what it said. What also blew me away is that it said we are rare and only make up 20 to 25 percent of the population. I never KNEW I was so SPECIAL. Sorry I couldn't pass up on that one. With 4 categories at 20 to 25 percent wouldn't that make me average? So go to Keirsey.com and see what temperament you have. There is no charge for the basic test. A full report 10 pages long cost $14.95. Have fun and enjoy, and don't be shocked when you find out the blatant truth about yourself.




The other night I pulled out my copy of "Willow" staring Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer. In this movie is a character actor named David Steinberg. David played Willow's best friend Meegosh. When I lived in Pennsylvania, a friend of mine was dating one of the Hershey Park entertainers. That's when I became an acquaintance of David's for one summer. He was playing a small pirate for the children's show at the time. Since then I look for him in films and shows that have little people in them . I saw David recently in an episode of "Charmed". David has a great sense of humor. I never forgot about hang out him. I'm still glad to see him acting. The other day I borrowed Jule's version of Moulin Rouge. Being a hopeless gay romantic just like "Willow" in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have to turn this film off at a certain point so it has a happy ending. As much as I like all of Baz Luhrmann films, such as Strictly Ballroom, William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, and Moulin Rouge. He always seems to have great visuals in his film. I have one question. Why do most of his films have sad endings? He's also working right now on a new project. I wonder if this project will have a happy endind.



But Can They Sing

I was homo alone (not a Typo) all last night. So I took the mute off my computer and checked out the V spot at VH1.com. I came across a show called "But Can They Sing" or as I want to call it WHO THINK THEY CAN SING. Well after lusting over the clips of Michael Copon who is a former Power Ranger, and Carmen Gotti who's part of the Gotti Hotties. Then listening to an ear wrenching rendition of Cher's "Believe"(which I love) performed by Morgan Fairchild. I checked out a clip by a performer named Bai Ling(who played in The Lords Of Dogtown). She did the classic Ramones number "I Want To Be Sedated"(one of the few songs I liked by the Ramomes.) Oh my god you fellow blogger's!!! You need to check out this clip!!! In the 80's one of my best friends from high school was into a punk rocker named Wendy O. Williams. She was in a group called the Plasmatics. Wendy used to wear leather and plexi glass outfits, and used a chain saw on stage. Needless to say Bai Ling's outfit and performance puts Wendy's to shame. So warning to parents out there this content has sexual overtones!!!! So go to the V spot at Vh 1 and check out this WILD WOMAN.



Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Jule's friend River came over yesterday and kid napped me for a few hours. She took me to Jule's place and we all went out for lunch. The place we went to is a well known salad and soup joint. Afterwards I ask to stop into Bed, Bath, and Beyond to look at some bed necessities. After I found out what the items cost for what I was interested in, we all looked around some more. All of a sudden I saw one of the employee's that took my breath away and asked Jules if I could have anything in the store. She turns to me laughing " Who is he? " I nod my head towards the person she says "Very nice!!" So for the next few minutes Jules, River, and myself have a good laugh. Talking about durability, strength, quality, wear and tare, it was just the right size, how that cover would keep me very warm, and was suited for me!!! As River was bring me home I started talking about the employee at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and started laughing again. Needless to say I would have liked to have had this certain employee to take me to his Bed, Bath, and Beyond . Thank you River for kid napping me for a few hours!!




One of the four movies this year I really wanted to see was RENT. Rent is a Broadway show that deals with people who have HIV/AIDS. It was adapted for the large screen by Christopher Columbus. He directed such movies as Home Alone and the first two Harry Potter films. It opened on the 23rd so I decided to check the reviews. Well every critic I read seems to think it's a flop. I think I'll just what for the DVD to come out and see the film. One critic said the guys from South Parks parody of it in Team America: World Police was better then the movie Rent. Ouch!!! Like I said early thank god for DVD's. I'll save a few bucks. So now I just have to wait and see what they say about "The Producers and King Kong". These are the last two films coming out soon I like to go see.



Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone




I have mentioned Sela many a times on my blog. Well here is a picture of her when she was a kitten. This was down loaded with my new scanner!!


Japanese anime

I am a fan a Japanese anime. What first hooked me was the film "AKIRA". What a great piece of animation. I want Kanada's motorcycle. What a cool bike. It makes the bikes from American Chopper look like tinker toys. Then a few years ago someone turned me onto Dragonball Z. This was during the Cel series. Again I was hook. One of my favorite characters is Trunks (shown here is my computer wallpaper}. I liked it so much that I want to get battle damaged Gohan tattooed on my shoulder when he fights Cel. One day I'll find the exact picture I'm looking for and have my tattoo done.




Well as a said Sunday there is something wrong with my wrist. I called my nurse up to see if my insurance would cover it. She said yes. So I'll be spending most of my day today at the doctor's. Getting x rayed hoping there is no hair line fracture. He also wants to talk about my stomach. I get REALLY bad nausea attacks every few days. So we will see what he thinks.



Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire posting 3

Well I did get to see the Goblet of Fire today. I was not at All disappointed. There were a few things that I wish they didn't change from the book, but the changes didn't detract from the story line . I defiantly want to see it again!!! It's the best of the four films. You were so right my red headed friend who volunteers at S.C.A.P. I saw her right after she had seen the film. She told me that the film was well done. The special effects were like my visualization when I read the book. I just wished they would have shown the obstacles in the maze. Such as the sphinx, or the blast end skrewts. Brendan Gleeson (the sheriff in Lake Placid) who plays Mad Eye Moody was incredible. Robert Pattinson who portrays Cedric Diggory what Hottie. Can I make him my boyfriend or someone who looks like Robert? One bad thing happen at the theatre. I drank so much coffee this morning I had to use the little boy's room once during the movie. Going back in the film a couple open the door on my wrist. So right now I have a jammed wrist. So if it doesn't feel better tomorrow I'm going to see the doctor.


Mall Entertainers

Every weekend I like to go down to Pacific Avenue to watch the street entertainers. There is such a diverse amount of performers trying there best to get your dollar. There's the little old Latino man playing the violin. The drummers always in front of New Leaf market every Friday night . The guy dressed as a clown playing the piano. The accordion player who has some of the most unique costumes I have ever seen. The two torrot card readers always willing to tell your fortune. Many guitar players just sitting there strumming there stuff. Homeless people who can't carry a tune singing there hearts out. Bad rappers making up the weirdist rhymes I ever herd. The break dancers always in front of O'Neals surf shop showing off there latest moves. There is one entertain who I haven't seen in awhile. He was a juggler that used crystal balls. This gentlemen had some amazing moves. He reminded me of David Bowie in the movie Labyrinth. He was always in front of the Del Mar doing his tricks. He was so good he should be performing on a stage somewhere. I hope he got a contract.



When I was a kid I was a huge fan of the Muppet Show. I remember coming in every Saturday night waiting in anticipation for next episode. Waiting to see who was going to guest star that week. Two of my favorite characters were Statler and Waldorf the two old hecklers up in the balcony. While researching reviews for the new Harry Potter movie I came across a web site where they review movies. I nearly wet myself laughing so hard. So if you like to check it out here's the link. http://movies.go.com/muppets/index?CMP=BAC-HC2142552059



Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire posting 2

Well it opens today folks. If anyone sees it please give me some feed back. It may take me awhile to see.



Movies to check out

For those who know me know that I'm a huge movie buff. I just wanted to share a few of my favorites with you today. Some you will know. Others you will not recognize. So here's a list for you to check out. Dirty Pictures this film stars James Woods and is about the photographer Roger Maplethorp and the controversy at Cincinnati museum . Boondock Saints this about two brothers that take there fathers place as assassins. This film is worth renting just to see death by toilet. The original Jaws which I still need to get on DVD. Aliens those who know me know I'm a fanatic for this film. Eight Legged Freaks this cult film has some really good sound and sight gags. Titanic what can I say I'm a hopeless romantic. The Andromeda Strain this was one of the first books by Michael Crichton made into film. The Forbin Project another 60's cult classic about man and computer. The original Highlander this is worth renting to see the unique transitions from one scene to the next. These are only a few I could mention. Till tomorrow my friends. Laters




Someone asked me the other day what type of men do I like. Well this is what I told them I liked. I like men who are on the same level as myself. I don't want to play daddy or son to anyone person. Yes I like Asians, Latinos, and White men. Someone athletic to average build or toned. They have to be my age or younger with a great sense of humor. I joke around with people all the time that I get hit on by losers, fat, bald ugly older men. Everything I'm not looking for in a person. If I had my choice I would choose someone like Nicholas Gonzalez, Justin Long, Chad Michael Murray, Matthew Keeslar(whose pic is shown}, or Alec Newman, Jet Li (if his complexion were better). These are the types of men I'd like be in a relationship. Mikey gets hit on by the types who look like Danny Devito, Jack Black, Ian McNeice, Gene Simmons, Patrick Stewart. I know someday I'll find someone to share my life. For now I'll just wait and hope until I find that one certain man.



Parker, Jules, and Lancaster Pa. Double murder

I know this is the second entry today. There are a few things I want to say. First is Happy Birthday to my roomie Parker. May you get many bulls eyes today. I am a native Lacasterian. I was blown away to hear on CNN about a double murder and kidnapping. When they mentioned the Warwick district I knew where they were taking about. A small town outside Lancaster named Litiz. There wasn't a lot to do in Litiz when I lived in Lancaster. Infact my opion is it's in the middle of Amish country. The only thing I like about Litiz is the Wilbur Chocolate company. For those of you who have had Hershey kisses(Hershey's about a 45 minute drive from Lancaster) Wilbur buds blows away kisses right out of the ball park. So what is going on in the area I grew up. First Pat Robertson slams Dover(which is in York county one county west of Lancaster) for not teaching intelligent design aka creation. Now a double murder by an eighteen year old both making national news in less then a week. Talk about a shocker!! The last thing I would like to mention today is that my friend Jules is in Dominican hospital. I don't know what is wrong with Jules. I hope you get well soon and I'll send good energy your way.


Beating around the Bush

Ok, I have had my blog over a month now and never really have written anything political. Well guess what folks I'm going to do it today. I have been watching CNN a lot while I was sick this week and listen to their commentaries. The news of the war in Iraq, and the false information that got us into the war, the explosions in Jordan, the CIA leaks about the undercover agent, and the secret jail facilities, the torture of American prisoners. Didn't they call the Iraq minister of miss information. Isn't that what the American public are receiving now? Now middle America wants heads to roll. Where was middle America when the elections were held last year? Why are they now beating around the Bush. I didn't vote for Bush in either election. Didn't the red states know that Bush went into Iraq just to finish what daddy couldn't finish? Didn't they know that Bush was only looking out for himself and big business's including the oil companies. That the little man would eventually get the short end of the staff under his terms in office. Even ex president Clinton is wondering why Bush has not been impeached yet. Is there a double standard here in our political system? I think so!!! So the next time you vote I ask you to think about what is this canidate going to do for you and the country. So call me Dennis Miller for I am the 400 pound gorilla!!



Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

As I stated before I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I visit the Harry Potter.com site all the time. First of all I have to tell you that the Goblet of Fire is my favorite book in the series. Well I went to MSN.com and looked under the entertainment videos and searched for Harry Potter to my surprise they had 10 videos. Most of them were interviews with the cast members. They also had a couple of clips from the movie. Needless to say I nearly wet myself. I am more stoked now then ever to see this flick. When I went to Harry Potter.com. I said for the hell of it let's see what collectables they have. To my surprise the have a collection of the tri wizard's wands under wish list. I said to myself "Damn boy wouldn't they look good in your room". So needless to say I had two nice surprises and something I can save for as soon as I find a job. If anyone from Warner Brothers reads this blog(unlikely chance) your company and the Harry Potter franchise REALLY needs to make a dragon wallpaper like what's on your Goblet of Fire site for our computers.



Feeling better

For the last week I have been REALLY sick. Today is the first time I semi felt like myself. I probably need one or two more days to be up to par. So I'll just relax again today and take care of myself. My ex also called today and ask if I could cat sit a few more days. Of course I said sure I'd sit her. In the last 24 hours she has been a real pain. Like I wrote before I love her but like all pets and humans they are irratating sometimes. So I'll do what needs to be done.



Taking care

I have a real problem. I take care of others more then myself. Even though I have been too sick with a cold this past week to look for a job. I am a support network for many of my friends. They feel comfortable enough around me and talk about there problems. Right now I could use financial support and reaching out to my friends. Do I feel comfortable enough to my friends to ask. I try in my subtle ways. It's really hard getting around when you are sick. Not comfortable in your skin. Nose running like a faucet, throwing up, slight fever. The state still expects me to out job hunting. So if I feel well enough to go out, it will be tomorrow. Right now I have to take care of self.



Love and the deep end

In the past couple weeks we've had two cases of love that have gone off the deep end. First was the Bay and Parker entanglement. They seemed so much in love. Being a hopeless romantic myself I was hoping their relationship would be long term. Needless to say it didn't work out. Now Christian has gone back with his ex boyfriend. They were back together just a few days and he decided to move back into his ex's place. I didn't approve and he knows I don't approve. I wanted him to wait a little while to see if the relationship would work. Now he's not even talking to me. Is giving up everything including friendships worth a relationship? I think Christian thinks that way. All I can do is hope for is the best for Christian. I hope he doesn't get suffocated again by being in this relationship. I already am seeing that happening. So Christian, know you have friends that really do care about you.



Holiday movie season

At the end of the year Hollywood releases there big blockbuster movies. Most of time maybe there's maybe one I'm interested in seeing. There are four this year for me. The first one is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and looking forward to seeing this flick. The second is the movie adaptation of the musical RENT. Rent deals with people living with HIV/AIDS. I have not seen the stage version of this show. Usually I like the stage versions more then the movie versions. Case in point is A Chorus Line. Yes I do love the movie version of Chicago. Cell Block Tango rules!!!! The Producers by Mel brooks. I love the original film and looking forward to seeing how they treat this adaptation. Spring time for Hitler in Germany is a classic piece of cinema. Last but not least is Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong. I am not a Jack Black fan but I feel Jackson knew what he was doing when casting him. From watching the theatrical trailer this looks like it's going to be great follow up to Jackson's Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. Jackson has come a long way from directing The Frighteners which stared Michael J. Fox. For all those Smeagal/Golom fans out there look for Andy Serkis (my Precious) as Lumpy the cook. I just hope these four flicks do justice to the generas from which they were inspired.



Happy Birthday

I just wanted to say a happy birthday wish to Bay. I hope you have a good one girlfriend.



Something in the air

There seems to be something in the air. Everyone I talked to today seemed to be down today.(except Chris). I don't know if it was the rain we had last night. The change in seasons. What I do know is that I'm routing for midnight. Tomorrows another day. The house is very quite right now with Chris away for the weekend the his boyfriend. His high energy keeps the house energized. My problem is I keep running into road blocks in finding a job. I'm very frustrated right now. For those of you who have been seeking employment lately know what I mean. Well I hope to get a job soon and back on my feet. Till then I'll keep plugging away doing my best.




Right now I think the universe is trying to tell me I should get a massage job. I am certified in Swedish massage. You know those times when things keep happening to you but your to dumb to notice. Well that's what has happened to me. The people around me have lately for one reason or another needed body work. Having HIV/AIDS you have these little aches and pains from the virus attacking your body. Even though I had to sell my massage table when I first got sick. I have done more body work these past few weeks then I have done in the past two years. So is the universe trying to tell me something? I think so!! Damn I'm going to make someone a good husband.



A World Gone Wild

It seems to me that the world has gone wild. With all the hurricanes, the war in Iraq, the earthquake in Asia, the threat of the bird flu, the CIA leak. I don't remember this much happening all at once when I was a child. Yes, we had Watergate, the Vietnam war, the war riots and Kent State, the race riots, the hostage situation in Iran, and Three Mile Island ( I learned to water ski right in front of that nuclear power plant). It seems to me that these incidents were spread out over a greater lenth of time then the ones we have today. Could it be that I was oblivious to what was going on in the world when I was a younger, did I just not care when I was I child, or maybe we just didn't have the high tech mass media coverage that we have today. So I ask you to take a moment today and really think of why the world has gone wild.



Sela sitting

I love my cat Sela. Right now I'm kitty sitting for two weeks. Scott has to fly out to Ohio for his job. There is a special training he must take out there. I really like baby sitting her, but like all Persians she has an attitude. We just found out that one of the character traits of Persians is that they are VERY vocal. Don't get me wrong, I love when she visualizes, but it's a little irritating at 5:30 in the morning. I'm always afraid that she will wake everyone up in the house. No one in the house has complain yet. In fact everyone in the house laughs at me when my kitty calls me for something she needs. They really love her so much and would like to keep her fermenting, but unfortunately we are not allowed to have permanent pets. So the house is very happy when she visits.