Poz Mikey


An Open Letter To Senators Obama and Biden

Dear Senators Obama and Biden,

My name is Mikey and about 4 years ago I found out I had AIDS and always will and not just HIV. Over the last four years, I have seen benefits and funding cut for people living in this country but have seen funding for people living with HIV/AIDS overseas get their funding increased. I lost my job a month ago due to the "Countrywide Mortgage" mess and I'm about ready to go on food stamps. I'm not eligible for ssi/ssd due to my number being good.

The only things I wanted in life this year was to get a high performance "Product Red" Laptop so I can get off my desk and see the world and still educate on the web, and the real world what's it's like living with AIDS.

The other thing I wanted was nice vacation to relieve some of the stress I have been under living with AIDS the last for years and now a growth in my colon that took 3 months for me to a specialist. Now due to this broken government both those hopes and dreams have been crushed.

I'll admit, I was miffed when you didn't pick Mrs. Clinton as you V.P. running mate and was going to go independent. After seeing your acceptance speech on Thursday you should me why I should vote for you.

What I'd like to know is what you are going to do for people in this country for people living with HIV/AIDS? I'd like to know how your going to fix the "Countrywide" mess so I get my job back to I can get that laptop I want and a vacation I so dearly need? I know I won't hear from you but I'd love to hear some answers in your campaign speeches. If you like to see my work I'm on myspace at www.myspace.com/mikeysantacruz.

I hope to get some answers soon and know what you are going to do about my questions.

Thank you




This is going to be a quick posting. There is soooo much that has happened in my life from my last posting I don't know where to start. Mom's doing fine after her double by pass surgery, I finally got the authorization to see the colon specialist, things aren't going well in the house right now. One of the roomies has everyone pissed off at him. On top of everything else I don't feel well today and have lots to do.

What I really wanted to tell everyone today is to Google you screen name. I did coming across this little tid bit. Needless to say I nearly wet myself laughing. Enjoy the tip and have fun.