Poz Mikey



Here are just a few things I've been doing the last week and a half.

  • Worked at the local AIDS walk.

  • Volunteered at the local AIDS organization doing on-line outreach.

  • Had an interview with two San Jose State students

  • Went to the local Queer Youth Awards

  • Did on-line research for my boss.



You Know You Are In Trouble When.....

Your ass and nose are running at the same time!! Baaa haaa haaa




I'm going to take a few more days break from blogging. I'll see you all next week!!




Rough Spell

I thought my rough spell would start next week but I was wrong. You see, it started yesterday at work. Within the first two hours of work I found out my boss might have another kidney stone. Then a former boss who now is friend of mine told me her mom died Tuesday night. Needless to say it was a tough day.

The reason I thought my rough spell would start next week is my boss is going to the yearly transsexual convention next week. Then the end of the following week, he is going to Chicago to teach a class at the annual trichotillomania convention. After that he is going to visit his mother who's health is not very good.

So for the next few weeks, I'm only going to be working two days a week and losing a lot of income. I have to figure a way to come up with my rent, along with other bills including getting my medical cannabis for sleep. BTW medical cannabis is VERY expensive to purchase. I'm just trying to figure out how to get along financially plus try to save up for a new laptop.



Can One Person Make A Difference?

So here's what I've been up to lately. I've e mailed one of our congress persons asking them to make December AIDS Awareness month. Most of you know that I feel HIV/AIDS has become too complacent here in the states. Can one person in the public sector make a difference in many peoples lives? I think they can by taking action going to the next step. I was going to bore the senator with all types of HIV/AIDS statistic and then thought they should already have that knowledge.

I kept my e mail short and sweet and here it is for all to read. I just pray that this proposal comes to pass. Enjoy my e mail to the senator.

Senator X,
As a person who was diagnosed with AIDS and not just just having HIV 3 1/2 years ago, what would it take for congress to make December AIDS awareness month?

In my humble opinion, the mentality here in the states has become too complacent about HIV/AIDS. The general public attitude is HIV/AIDS is a disease that's manageable and yet there are deaths daily in this country from HIV/AIDS along with opportunistic infections from HIV/AIDS.

As a congress person, I'm sure you are well aware of the latest HIV/AIDS statistics and I will not inform you of the latest statistics. I'm also sure you know that HIV/AIDS is still very prevalent in this country.

Now as a person living with AIDS educating about what it's like living with AIDS on his blogs and Myspace, I would like to know if you'd be willing to propose that December becomes AIDS awareness month. December seems like the logical choice since World AIDS day is the first of that month.

I look forward to hearing your input in this matter that we can further educate and slow down the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Michael (Mikey) last name here



Proposal: A HIV/AIDS Awareness Month

The reason I haven't posted lately is I've been super busy, and this is going to be a short posting too. I've been doing a lot of work online for my job and creating a proposal. I'm in the starting stages of trying to do research wanting to find the correct facts on different diseases that already have an awareness month. I'll be sending this e mail to one of California's U.S. senators asking them to propose for December to be HIV/AIDS Awareness month with World AIDS Day being the first day of that month. I have a lot of work ahead of me to get this proposal just right. I think this is my next step in educating about HIV/AIDS.