Poz Mikey


My Top 7

My top 7 are the top 7 songs played on my Ipod. This was stolen from WAT.

1: You Can't Stop The Beat- Hairspray (The Musical)

2: Seasons Of Love- Rent (The Movie)

3: I'll Cover You- Rent (The Movie)

4: Open Your Heart- Madonna

5: Killer Queen- Queen

6: We Are The Champions- Queen

7: Point Of No Return- Kansas

I'm really glad some of my other songs didn't show up in my top 7. I'd be embarrassed as hell!



Homo Hawk

So the Boss cut my hair into a faux hawk this past week. In the chat room I go into one of my friends called it a "Homo Hawk." I'm still cracking up over that comment.



I Finally Did IT

I finally did it, I put up a profile for dating on POZ.com. I don't know if this will get me a date but I feel I'm ready to start looking for a new boyfriend again. I feel it would be easier to date someone who is HIV/AIDS positive then someone who doesn't have HIV/AIDS.




It takes a lot for me to call someone my friend. I have been burned way too many times in the past to trust people easily so it takes a lot for me to call you a true friend. Well one of my true friends here in Santa Cruz Cruz is Jules.

Unfortunately, Jules and her family are moving out of the area this weekend. I totally get why they are moving but it doesn't mean I have to like her moving. Jules has been one of the best friends that I could tell anything to and not be judge.

There are very few people in this world who are like Jules. I will miss her when she moves but hope to visit here sometime soon in her new place. Jules know that you are VERY special to me along with your family.



Wicked Weds Me in Boxers



I'd Like To Make This Dude My Next Ex Boyfriend



Just Say No And Just Say Yes To HIV/AIDS

"Just Say No" was the slogan for the war on drugs in the 1980's. This campaign was spearheaded by former first lady Nancy Reagan. It is my opinion that this campaign was one of the leading causes of the spread of HIV/AIDS in the 80's in I.V.drug users.

Their plan was simply they wanted the I.V. drug users to stop using. So just say no became just say yes to HIV/AIDS. It's very hard for users to stop using and in the 80's they shared dirty needles. Now Santa Cruz county has one of the best needle exchange programs in the country.

In 2005 only one person was infected with HIV/AIDS from a dirty needle here in Santa Cruz county. I think if this state and the federal government would take a good look at the needle exchange program they would see how beneficial it would be to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Low income users would have a safe place to exchange their needles and not be at risk of getting the HIV/AIDS virus. So I would just like to know how many people died because of the "Just Say No" campaign?




Riding to work on Friday I started to feel really bad. Well I caught some nasty bug and it hit me like a freight train. Friday night my temperature was running between 102 and 103 degrees. It was so high I was hallucinating in my sleep Friday night.

Now I'm coughing, sneezing, congestion in my chest, my nose is running along with I have a sore throat. My temperature is running about 100 degrees while writing this posting. I can't contact my nurse or doctor until Monday. On top of everything else it's 2 in the morning and I can't sleep.

I feel like shit right now!!