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My Year In Review

This past year wasn't a bad year for me. Yes, I have had health problems such as lots of colds, the kidney failure scare, respiratory issues but nothing very major. All and all my health was good in 2007.

I've still worked my ass of at work but I'm still enjoying my job. Not a lot of people can say they really like their boss and their career. Work at the salon is amazing and I love hearing some of the truly off beat stories of our clients.

I'm still single hoping to find that special person in my life. Maybe in 2008 he will show up. We never know what is in store for us day by day. Plus I never know when I will take a turn for the worse.

I've had issues with my roommates in 2007 but don't we all have issues when we live with people. I've learned that if people are negative, I don't have time for them in my life. I've also to talking to Matthew my ex as much. We still talk but he has his life and I need my life away from him.

My hopes for 2008 is that my life keeps getting better and better. That some of my dreams, wants and desires come true. I hope to get more involved in HIV/AIDS education in the real world.

Lastly, I Like to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!!



The Miracle Worker

I have seen my boss do some amazing things with peoples hair hair but nothing can compare with what he did this week. I think of him no as a miracle worker. Why do I call him a miracle worker? Well, this week he got a friend of mine into his chair and cut her hair. She's needed a haircut for awhile but is the type of person who thinks it would be an inconvenience to the stylist. Yes you read that right. Hell, she was on her way out the door!! He just kept suggesting things and now her hair looks much, much, better.

The second reason I think he is a miracle worker is we had a hairpiece client who was a quadriplegic. He suffers intense pain and was paralyzed from a sporting accident. He was getting a hairpiece for he's getting surgery and they have to shave his head.

During his haircut and hairpiece cut down it was time for his medications. The friend who were with him administered his medication. Half way into the cut down he passed out from his pain killers. Not only did he pass out, he was I would call completely unconscious to the whole hair style. I was so surprised that my boss could work on this client. Both cuts did look fantastic which I'm sure the client was pleased once he regained consciousness. That's why I considered my boss a miracle worker!!



What The Fuck

Sometimes you just have to say "What the fuck go for it." What I'm talking about is my boss gave me two very nice cash amount gift cards to the Gap. So I went to our local Gap today to purchase some items. Well, I've had my eye on a really nice sweater and wanted a new pair of jeans.

They still had the sweater I wanted in stock and in my size. Now for the the jeans. Every size they had in mens jeans in my waist size were too long in the legs. Oh sure, I could have had them hemmed but sometimes I'm impatient to wait for hemming.

So I said "What the fuck " and asked to try on some ladies jeans. If the fit right and were masculine enough, I would wear ladies jeans. Much to my surprise, I found the almost perfect pair of jeans for me. They fit my waist, hug my hips and I do not need them shorten. The only thing I do not like about them are the pockets are to shallow for my taste.

"What the fuck," so do I go for something that doesn't fit well for convenience of deep pockets? Do I go for a pair of jeans that fit me the best I've purchased in quite I long time? I said "What the fuck" and purchased a pair of 2A stretch curve jeans that fit my body type. I do say I really like the outfit I picked out today. I can always put my wallet and other things in my backpack!!



Merry Christmas



Not Going To Post

The next few days I'm not going to post anything. The salon is very busy and I'm putting in some mega hours. The boss did tell me that I'm getting one of my dream gifts for Christmas. I'm pondering what is that gift?

Oh a friend brought me home from work tonight. He asked me to give him an HIV 101 coarse. I did!!



Happy Holidays

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Under The Weather

For the past few days I've been sick. I have a sore throat, chills, fever, no energy, and been sleeping a lot. Yesterday, I went to see my doctor who gave me some anti biotics. Sometimes I get very irked with cyber land. My prescription was lost in a place where I'll call area 51. It took me hours to get a hold of someone to have my script resent to the pharmacy. Let's just say it took me from 8am to 5pm just to see my doctor and get my prescription. Is it any wonder that Michael Moore did a film on our messed up medical system?




Right now, I'm really addicted to the DVD Hairspray and the soundtrack. I really like the positive message of both film versions. The newer versions soundtrack is awesome and rings true with messages of todays society. I think what I like about Hairspray the most is that sometimes your smaller dreams are bigger then you think and they come true!! That love can conquire all barriers. This story gives me hope of finding love one day. I also hope to see the stage version one day too.



Some HIV/AIDS Stats For 2007

1) Number of people living with HIV/AIDS - 33.2 million

2) New cases of HIV/AIDS this year - 2.5 million

3) Deaths from HIV/AIDS in 2007 - 2.1 million

4) People living in North America with HIV/AIDS - 1.3 million

5) Infections per day in 2007 - 6800 +

6) Cases of HIV/AIDS in Santa Cruz County - 700 +

7) Deaths from HIV/AIDS in Santa County last week - 2

8) 80 percent of the population stated they would not date someone who is HIV+ or who has AIDS.



Lazy Day

Sunday, I just wanted to chill out in front of the idiot tube and watch something which was a no brainer. You know, all those guilty pleasure shows which no one will admit they watch. So, I was channel surfing and came across a Beauty And The Geek marathon on Mtv. I think I watched like six hours of GEEK.

I just want to say, there was a woman on the show who reminded me of Mary Catherine Gallagher. She was a character Molly Shannon created on Saturday Night Live. I kept waiting for this woman to get nervous putting her hand under her armpits then smell them. I kept waiting for her to get on one knee saying "Superstar." Oh yes, her beauty was a drop dead gorgeous, hunky, party promoter. Just take a look at Sam!!



World AIDS Day 2007