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So this past week the doctor put me on a medication called Kaletra. I started taking it on Friday and I will never start taking a new med. on a work day again. I had all the first signs of side effects except for the hurling and death.

The side effects were so bad I had to lay down in the shop for awhile. I have to be really careful and drink lots of water with this med. like the rest. I could not get off the hopper at work my bowels were so bad. Dehydration is the leading cause for people who have HIV/AIDS to be hospitalized

I also had a lot of pain in my abdomen. Thank god the boss and I have a code saying for when I'm not freeing well from the HIV/AIDS. We call it a club day and he knows I'm not feeling swift. The rest of the shop also knows this code saying so they know they are on there own.

Yesterday was a pretty good day but today is a so so day. It's kind of hard to work out when you aren't up to spiff. I'm doing it and hopefully I'll get over the side effects shortly. I have to take three pills of this drug in the morning and two at night.



A Flip For Goldie



HIV/AIDS Retreat

So this past weekend taught me a few things. That I can travel with HIV/AIDS and the other I need a lot of pit stops from drink all the water and the meds. Well yesterday I signed up for a HIV/AIDS retreat Memorial day weekend.

The retreat is called "PozNeg- Gathering Gay and Bi Men's Retreat & Dialog." This will be taking place in Willits Ca. The lodge we are going to be staying at is called the Brooktrails Lodge. It is about 2 1/2 hours north of San Francisco.

This will also give me a chance to learn more about HIV/AIDS. This will also allow me to put more information out on the world wide web. In fact my doctor who is also POZ is teaching one of the courses at the treat with his partner.

He also told me sometimes these retreats get a little wild. He told me bring lots of condoms. Now can I say............. "What's up Doc? You?? Hehehehehehehe!!



Labs And Logs

So I went to the doctor today for the results of my lab work. I was very happy with my lab results but my doctor wasn't that happy. My viral is 98 and my T-cells are at 470. What I just learned is there is something called logs.

Well there is something also called logs which I don't quite understand. Logs is like in math everything to the tenth power. 10, 100, 1,000 and so forth in your viral load. My last labs, my logs were 2.49 and now they are 1.99.

So the doctor is taking me off the AZT and the booster and putting me on a different medication. With all the other pills I take, I will be subtracting two and adding one. This new medication I will be taking requires me to take 5 tablets a day.

The doctor said I could have hurling and abdominal craps with this new medication till I get used to the medication. Well I'll just take this medication and be as positive as I can in life.




So this weekend I visited my friend Jules in Modesto. May I say I had an awesome weekend. It took me 6 hours to make a 2 hour car trip but I didn't care. Friday night Jules and I caught up on each others lives.

Saturday she showed me around Modesto where she grew up. We went to the Mall and I was like OMG a really Mall. I bought a new product red shirt at the Gap (which I'm wearing) and a new HIV/AIDS metal bracelet you can see on my left wrist.

We also stopped by Her Mom and Pop's place to their garden. The pic of Jules and myself shown was taken in her Mom's back yard. Saturday night we watched a rainbow chick flick called "Latter Days." I must say it's in the top 20 films I've ever seen. It was so good I put it on my Amazon wished list. I laughed and cried at this movie. Let's face it I'm a hopeless romantic. A few hours later we went hot tubbing.

It was just great to get away from Santa Cruz and relax. I diffidently will visit Jules again in Modesto.



Getting The Hell Out Of Dodge

I'm am finally getting the hell out of Dodge (Santa Cruz) this weekend. You see my best friend Jules moved to Modesto last month. My Boss is going to California Dreamin' (a transgender fair) and I have the next few days off.

I can't wait to see Jules again and catch up on her and her family. I also have needed to get out of Santa Cruz even for a day for a VERY long time. I can't remember the last time I've been out of Santa Cruz for more then a few hours.

I'll be seeing Remy, G.T., and my favorite puppies!! Along with that I might be seeing her family again. It's going to be a great weekend and I'm so excited I might need depends. The only down side of my trip is the 5 hour bus ride to her town. I will say Jules is worth the pain in the ass from riding the bus that long. I love you hun and I'll see you in a few hours!!




So I had another councilor meeting today. Today she really worked me hard discussing acceptance. There are some things I need to accept. Like accepting that I'm getting older. Accepting my skin and body are going to show signs of aging.

Accepting the things I can change and those I can't change. Accepting that there is still prejudice in the world. The prejudice between races, sexes and even in the gay world. You see I have said many times I'm into younger guys on this blog. The younger guys don't want anyone over 40 years of age. I'm past that mark.

She told me I needed to accept myself and do a conformation of acceptance for the hard work I have been doing. Letting myself accept the work I have been doing trying to bulk up and get ripped.

A lot of times I am more accepting of others then myself. I am by nature more of a care giver to others then myself. I need to start accepting who I am and the goal I am so striving for. That goal happens to be find a great significant other, move in with them and have a commitment ceremony.



Working Out

In a couple of postings ago entitled "Men, Sex, And Santa Cruz", I stated I may not find a man here here but I'm going to look damn good for Gay Pride On June 3rd. So I really like the way my abs are developing.

I'm not so happy with my pecs muscles. I wish I new a faster was to bulk up. I only have about six weeks to really get my upper torso into shape. As for my legs, I like the way they look from riding my bike everyday.

Can one of you tell me how to bulk up my pecs without steroids? Can you see any difference in my upper body? Everyday I see myself in the mirror and some days I don't think the working out is working.



HIV/AIDS And The Masking Effect

So this past week I found out something new about the HIV/AIDS virus which was new to me. Ever since I found out I had the virus, I have been seeing a nutritionist (BTW I adore her) every few months.

I never knew why I was seeing her but found out why this week. The HIV/AIDS virus can cause something called "the masking effect." What this is, is the virus replacing fat for muscle but you stay at the same weight.

The only way to diagnose this is by a a BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) test. This is done by hooking up two electrodes to your body. One is placed on your hand and the other is placed on your foot and is completely painless.

It is VERY beneficial for people who have HIV/AIDS to workout. In the general public, most people burn fat for energy when the workout. People who are living with HIV/AIDS can can the body use muscle as energy first instead of fat. You see the HIV/AIDS virus can change our metabolism. Sometimes we use the muscle first and the fat for later.

This just gives me one more reason to hate and educate the blogger sphere about the HIV/AIDS virus.

footnote: Information was taken from the pamphlet "Lean Body Mass Simple Answers To Critical Questions" for more information you can visit www.serocare.com.



Getting Wiggy With it

So the boss has started working with the Monterey chapter of the American Cancer Society. While he was teaching one of their "Look Good, Feel Better" classes, one of their staff asked him if he new anyone who was good at washing, conditioning, and comb out hairpieces.

Well my boss told them that I was good at that project. The staff member stated that they had a lot of them. When the boss got to work yesterday, he pulled two huge bags out of his trunk full of hairpieces.

I did a count of the pieces and the total was 35 and need to have them done by Friday plus do my regular duties at work. I don't mind doing this project for a lot of women will benefit from my effort. Let's just say I'm going to be getting wiggy with it all this week at work and the back part of our salon looks like a wig factory.



Men, Sex And Santa Cruz

I started to see my councilor a few weeks ago. We are talking about HIV/AIDS, men, sex, and Santa Cruz. I need to get over the sex barrier and not be afraid to have sex and infecting someone. I want to date someone who is HIV+ because they would be more understanding about the disease.

All the men I have met here in Santa Cruz who are HIV+ are not my type. She asked me a few tough questions and I had to make some tough choices. Point blank she told me that I wouldn't find the type of man I was looking for here in Santa Cruz. She also stated that I may have to move to San Francisco or West Hollywood to find the type of man I'm interested in dating.

I had to make a few tough choices. Do I stay here in Santa Cruz and keep the job that I really love along with my nice housing and benefits and great health care. Do I make the move in hopes in finding a relationship and go to the great unknown starting all over from scratch?

I have decided to stay in Santa Cruz at this time. My health comes first!!! I'm not happy about this but I need to take care of myself. Sometimes life is so unfair it sucks. Do I want it all? No I don't but I do want some of what life offers.

I have started working out also the past few weeks along with tanning. I may not find a man to date, have sex and a relationship but I'm going to look DAMN good for gay pride this year!!
footnote: The pic shown is a print by Clifford Baker that I want to get for my room.




So I'm not really a fan of Don Imus the radio talk show host. Last Wednesday on his show he called the Rutgers university girls basketball team..."Nappy haired ho's." Could this have been a racist statement? I really don't know if it was a racist statement. What I do know there is a double standard in this country.

Now when I went to high school, half our student body was black. One of the malls I worked at in Baltimore was predominately black. Many a time I have herd the same statement coming out of black peoples mouth.

We hear it in rap music, we read it in contemporary literature, and hear it in movies. It's ok if a black person says that statement. If a white person who is a celebrity says that statement there is a controversy. The Reverend Al Sharpton and the Reverend Jesse Jackson are calling foul.

These two leaders of the black community need to take a hard look at their community before raising the racism flag. Do I think what Don Imus said was wrong? Yes I do and I think he already apologized.

When Michael Richards used the N word, Sharpton and Jackson went after him with both barrels (and they had every right too.) I think this matter is a little different. The statement used is used in the black community all the time.

So to the Reverend Al Sharpton and the Reverend Jesse Jackson. Don't cry racism until your culture takes it out of your music, literature, and movies. Preach to your own people the same thing you are preaching to Don Imus and the media.



Happy Easter



HIV/AIDS And Being Photo Sensitive



Remodel Bonus

Here is my remodel bonus. It is a massage table that came with a carrying case, a head cradle and cover, a carrying bag, a sheet, and an arm sling rest. I am certified in Swedish massage and I can't wait to throw some bodies around.