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2006 A Mikey's View

Wow what a year this has been. I can honestly say that 2006 was a much better year for me then 2004 and 2005. I am much happier then I have been this past year then I have in a long time. My health has been better then it has been in years. January kinda of sucked. I was facing a eviction from my benes running out and only starting my job after 3 months of no money.

February I moved into a wonderful HIV/AIDS support house. I really love where I live now. I enjoy my roomies too. Yes we do have our problems like all roomies do but all and all this place is great for me.

I'm not going to go from month to month but I am going to share some high points of my year that really stick out in my mind.

First one is Jules blog jacking this blog to get me a new computer when my crashed. Again I want to thank everyone who donated to keep me on line so I can keep getting the word out what it's like living with HIV/AIDS.

Second was my interview with Jeanne White Ginder. Thank you Gay Guru for setting up the interview. She was one of the most amazing women I have ever spoken with in my life. A very strong but kind hearted woman.

Third was being one of the final winners in the Lost Blogs contest. Thank you Paul for choosing me. Thank you Kevin for putting it together. I was able to write and be someone else for a whole week. It was so much fun blogging as one of my heroes...... Mr. Mel Brooks.

Next was being blogger of the month on Ross The Interns blog. I have to admit like most people I like to get recognized once in awhile for the good I'm trying to do putting out the word out about HIV/AIDS awareness.

So I now want to put out a very big shout out to all the people who made a difference in my life. There are too many of you to mention by name. Know that I am very grateful to you. I want to wish everyone a VERY HAPPY 2007. I just hope my life keeps getting better and better in the coming years.

With All My Love..........................................Mikey



High Winds And Rain

So this morning I was awakened by this very loud grinding noise. One of the roomies called to me and we had a canopy stuck on our the roof. We don't know who's it is but I needed to get the camera and post it for you.

We are just glad one of the legs didn't go throw a window. We are to have more wind and rain till this afternoon. The pic I took was taken in a neighbor's driveway.



The Day After

Well it's the day after Christmas and I made it threw the season. Yesterday I called Jules and her family to wish her a merry Christmas. All of us in our house exchanged presents and had Christmas dinner together.

After we had dinner two friends of mine Ruby, and Ms. Youth came over and we went out looking at the Christmas lights. We went to a nursing home next to Ms. Youth's work and OMG I have NEVER seen a light show like they displayed. I'm hoping to go there and take pictures or a video for you. We also saw another house where the roof looked like a run way for Santa or N.A.S.A.

Then we went to a friends house of theirs and exchanged presents there too. I must admit I loved Christmas this year compared to the last few Christmases. Some of the kewl gifts I received this year were:

1: Amazon gift certificate

2: A key chain digi camera

3: Two dvds I wanted

4: A few candles

5: Other gift certificates

One of the biggest things that totally blew my mind was my Christmas bonus from my boss. The bonus was a pair of Marco Delli Italian leather designer pair of shoes. (pic shown) I have been wearing them to parties and work and they are the most comfortable work shoes I have ever owned.



Happy Holidays


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Hugs, Mikey



Sore, Tired, And Happy

I can tell you now that as the first of the year the boss and I will be changing salons. The past few days I have been getting things ready for our move and I have been very busy. We our giving the salon we are moving in a make over. I am so sore and tired from painting, stripping manicure tables, doing labor so I took the day off today. The next few weeks till the first are going to be hectic.

This past Saturday was our salon Christmas party. I had an amazingly fun time. It was at a place called Johnny's Harborside. Omg the food was amazing and the drinks were good too. In fact I ordered a Blue Hawaiian and the bartender forgot the pineapple juice. (All booze and no juice) A few swigs of my drink and I was feeling no pain!!

I got a really nice present from the boss for Christmas. It was a pair of Marco Delli Italian leather work shoes. They are the most comfortable pair of work shoes I have ever worn. I'm so happy to know that I'm doing well at work and I have a boss that appreciates me.



Do I Believe?

So last night I watched the original black and white"Miracle On the 34th Street!" It got me to thinking during this holiday season. Do I believe in Santa Clause? No I do not anymore but I do believe in miracles and that wishes do come true.

In this harsh world with all that's going on right now, I must believe that there are miracles on this world. I believe that there is some type of higher being who placed me here for a purpose. I believe that some of my wants and wishes will come true.

I believe in the human race and that we will live in peace and harmony one day. I believe that we will take care of those who need our help. I believe that we will cure all the illness in this world.

Most of all I believe in myself. I believe that some how I'm going to be alright no matter what happens to me. I believe that my reward will be given once I leave this world. I believe that my work isn't done here yet in this world. I do believe!!