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4 Years And Speach

Today is the 4 year anniversary of finding out I had AIDS. As A gift to you all here is a speech I gave back in June. A special shout out to Paul for posting this so I can see how I did.




A Comedy Of Errors

So this morning was an absolutely comedy of errors. I was suppose to be on my way home today from my friend Jules house but couldn't find my ticket home. You see I must have left the book I was reading on the bus (in which had my ticket in it)in Jules' husband's car. He left for a meeting in southern California yesterday with my ticket still in the car and I forgot the book was there. The bus station here doesn't open till 9:00 am and the bus I need leaves at 7:25 am. The only other bus today that leaves here is at 5:25 pm and doesn't arrive in Santa Cruz till 1:00 am in which I'm not willing to do.

Also Remy got wrong information for his meeting and left a day early for southern California. If he would have gotten the correct information, I'd have ticket home with no drama. I think why I left the book in his car was because things were hectic when I arrived in Modesto. The good thing about this comedy of errors is I'll be spending another day with the people I love.



A Question

Do you think medias 24/7 coverage of all these crisis issues making everything worse?



Labs Results

I got my lab results yesterday. It had good and bad news. The good news was my cd4 aka T cells are 474 which dropped only 14 points from the last lab results. My viral load is undetectable which was also good news. Now for the bad news, my cholesterol and lipids are off the charts and my urine had protein in it which means my kidneys are working too hard. The high cholesterol and lipids can cause kidney and pancreatic damage. The doctor is prescribing to medications to counter act these two problems. He is also changing one of my antivirals for I can't take the diarrhea problem anymore. I need to live life other then just sitting on the toilet.



814 Billion

I cannot not keep my mouth shout on this issue. I herd on CNN last night that the government has giving 814 billion dollars to these failed institutions. To me, that's giving the CEO's of these companies a free house, and spending money in their severance packages which I feel they shouldn't receive. That's the government rewarding them for not doing their jobs correctly. It's being rewarded where as us low life Americans would have been fired and tried for fraud, deception, and treason against the American public if we pulled the same stunts these CEO's pulled off on this country.

I'd like to tell the politicians that I'm a failure too. I'm struggling just to survive. I haven't reached one major goal in any part of my life in which I set for myself when I was younger. All my hopes and dreams have been crushed, stifled, dashed over the years. Even the smaller goals I set for myself this year I'm not going to be able to obtain. Do you have any idea what you've been putting me thru the last few months. I'm broken down mentally and physically at this time. I've lost hope in everything and see no way out. Now when are you going to give all of us a break?



Don't All Voters Know.....

Without congressional support, whoever we choose as the next president isn't going to get anything done?




So as I have written on this blog, I've been laid off from job and dealing with the state trying to get my benefits and other things in order. Well I've been jumping threw all their hoops and things still aren't in order. Every time I do everything they want me to they come up with another barrier I have to get over.

Needless to say, they have me so stressed out, frustrated, angry, and depressed that I'm about ready to check myself in the local hospital under a 5150. A 5150 is a mental break down!! To give you some idea of what I've been dealing I'll give you a few details.

The first is about three and a half weeks ago I tried to sign up for food stamps. Well yesterday I got my food stamp card and they put money on it so I can buy food. Yes they put the money on the card but the forgot to activate the card so I can buy food. Now I have to wait till Monday and go back to the state and have them activate the card so I can buy food.

Now for the hum dinger. Health benefits and A.D.A P (AIDS Drug Assistance Program.) It has taken me taken me three months just to see a colon specialist and I don't see him until the 22nd of this month for the growth in my colon. I went in to renew my benefits at the beginning of this month was told I needed two more documents. WELL!! I got the documents, went back in yesterday, and the computer spit out two more things for me to do till I get my A.D.A.P. Believe it or not one of them was a form they wanted the people the run my house to fill out. DON'T tell me I need a letter from the people that own the houser and then give me the form for them to fill out after you've been faxed the letter you wanted in the first place. They are sooo screwed up in that office that I'm going to say it again, they have me soo spinning right now I feel like I'm about to have mental break down.

Oh and now to top off everything off, one of my case workers at the state is on medical leave for a month as of two days ago and no one informed me of her leave. All the work we've been doing for the last month is down the tubes. I have to start a lot of things all over again with a new case worker till she gets back. All I have to say is "I'm ready for my prozac Mr. Demille!!"



Form Letter

As I posted on my blog a few days ago, I wrote a message to Obama and Biden. Well I did get a response but it wasn't the response I was looking forward to hearing. It was a form letter. UGHHH! So here's the form letter for everyone to read.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for contacting me about our health care crisis. When 47 million
Americans have no health insurance and families and businesses are strained to
the breaking point, we know it's time for a change. This must be a top
national priority, and that's why I have introduced a plan to provide every
American with comprehensive, affordable, and portable coverage during my first
term as President.

I encourage you to read more about my plan, and watch the video of my health
care speech here:


I have the experience of bringing people together that's needed to
accomplish this goal. But it will take millions of voices united for change to
overcome the forces that have prevented meaningful health care reform in
Washington for so long. So take action. Thousands of Americans have sent in
their ideas and stories on health care and other policy issues through the My
Policy web tool, and I hope you will do the same through the link above.

To see more details of the plan, click here:


I am committed to covering everyone, and I hope you will join me in this fight.


Barack Obama

I would have liked a more personal reply. but it's alright I did get an answer.




I'd like to comment on a comment about the bulletin I posted "Republicans And AIDS" on MySpace. The comment asked if I was drunk/drugged/tired? The answer is tired/ very drained and VERY stressed out. So many negative things have happened in the last few months I can't even think straight. I'm hoping things turn around very soon. So that's the answer and I'm sorry this blog was a short blog.



Republicans And AIDS