Poz Mikey


The Year In Review

Well I was able to make one more posting before the new year. Everyone is making there end of the year reviews so here's mine. This past year I have undergone a battery of test for stomach problems and the doctor's still stumped. I have lost three room mates from the Hiv virus. I have lost my benefits and no income as of writing this posting. I have made some remarkable friends such as Jules, Driver, River, Ms. Youth, Ruby, Ms. Sizzle and more. If I forgot anyone I apologize. My life has been stagnate the past few years. My New Years wish for myself and my friends is that 2006 brings all of us great joy and no sorrow. That we all get the breaks we deserve and need. So to one and all Happy New Year!! May all our wishes come true.



Without the Internet

So today my internet service suspended my service due to lack of payment. I am writing this posting from our locale library. Things are a little rough for me trying to find a job. Being ill in the mornings with the doctor hanving no clue as what's wrong with my stomach for the last six to eight months. So I do have places where I can get on the net. I won't be able to as much as I like. I won't be able to post untill the new year. I want everyone to have a happy New Year.



Don't Cry for me "Sweeney Todd"

So I'm a gay male who can't stand opera, I liked my both my parents, and not a flamboyant queen. There is one typical gay thing I do like, that is the Broadway Musical. I went to Broadway.Yahoo.com and notice they had Videos of shows playing on the great white way. Much to my surprise, but disappointment that I'm not on the East coast anymore. Patti LuPone is back on Broadway staring in one of my favorite shows "Sweeney Todd." By the way the Video looked they upgraded the story from Victorian England to the modern day society. For those of who don't know Patti's work she was the original Eva Peron in "Evita." She was also in the hit TV show "Life Goes On" as the mother. So if you get a chance. Head to Broadway and see this amazing actress.



I just watch the cutest video at tgifhounds.com. Go visit this site and enjoy. Mikey



Addiction Symptoms Of A Coffee Whore

The truth is out now that I am an addicted coffee addict whore. Yes my friends I can not function day or night with a good, very strong cup of coffee with sugar and half and half by my side. So today I am going to share a few of the many symptoms to see if you are also a coffee addict whore:

1: When your mouth is making froth just think about a cup of coffee.

2: When you look at the coffee maker and scream at it hysterically "HURRY THE F#*! UP"

3: When you have ditoxification caffeine withdraw shakes before you have your first cup of coffee in the morning.

4: When you get mad at your roommates, or significant other for not having the coffee brewing when they are awake before you are awake.

If you suffer from these symptoms, or any other symptoms I have not mentioned. Run to the nearest coffee house, or brew a nice strong pot of coffee right quick. You may also seek help from your locale chapter of C.U.P.S. (COFFEE'S UNCONTROLLABLE PRIORITY SUPPORT) group at 1-8CO-FFE-ES4U or visit their web site at WWW.COFFEES4UINEEDITNOW.COM. All information given is confidential and will not be revealed without written consent.



Was it a Man or Woman?

Walking around Santa Cruz today, I herd the strangest conversation. Three men sitting on a bench, relaxing, talking, having a good old time. Well a pedestrian walks by to get on a bus. Where this person was going I have no idea. I overheard the one gentleman say "Damn dude that's a dude!!" One of the other gentleman said "No guy that's a woman!!" Well they argued back and forth for 5 minutes debating the gender of this person. To me the gender was quite obvious it was a woman. I was just wondering how she would feel if she knew they were having this conversation. I do know men and women that cross dress. One of my red headed friends at the Org. looks hot when she does. I know what to look for when looking. Yes once in awhile I am fooled. I won't get in that but a few at the Org. Surprised me. So to all you out there just ask if you want to know.


No Christmas Miracle and Gifts

Well the Christmas miracle didn't happen. Was I hoping it would? Maybe a little bit deep in my soul. To Chris: Your Christmas wish didn't come for me. To myself: Know things will get better for you. To Jules and Ms.Sizzle: I have a gift for you both that you will enjoy. You both will have to wait a little to collect on this gift. To Matthew: Yours should be here sometime this week. To Driver: Thank you for being you. To Ms.Youth and Ruby: Thank you for the great time last night. The dinner and the company is always wonderful. To River: Try as I might to get a hold of you. You were unavailable. I have a gift for you too. You will also have to play Text Twist again to give me a higher score to shoot for. I broke the one you had.



Merry Christmas

No posting today.



Giving Up and Congrats to Jules

I think with all the frustration, health issues, and other issues. I have given up on trying to stay at the house where I live. I really do like my place, but circumstances are forcing me to leave this big, beautiful, Victorian house. I could be out on the streets, I may, or may not find a friend to stay with. I should just accept the universe doesn't want me here. If it did I would have received the breaks I needed to stay in this home. So as they said in Moulin Rouge "Come What May." I place myself at the universe's wants and desires. I just wished it would give me a hint of where I'm suppose to be in this world. Am I scared of what's going to happen to me in January? More then a little, petrified comes to mind. Do I believe in miracles? Yes I do for other people, but not for myself. As I told my best friend "I am so good at helping other people. Why can't I help myself like I do for them." I'm sorry this is a depressing blog on the day of Christmas eve. Will a Christmas miracle happen for me? I don't know? What I do know is that two friends want to stop by tomorrow to see me. Matthew the "Why can't I quit you!(my ex) may or may not stop by and treat me to see a movie" Yes I still have feelings for him, but I know in my heart and soul we will never be a couple again. His car broke down on the way to Santa Cruz Friday so his finances might be too tight. So tomorrow I will let you know if that Christmas miracle I needed happened. A personnel note to Jules. Congrats girl for being published on the Santa Cruz Sentinel main web site under Styles. Her name was used on their web site for her review of "Brokeback Mountain." I want to run out in the world naked to get everyones attention, and shout out loud how proud I am of you.



Love! Valour! Compassion!

Last night my roomie Driver rented this movie to watch and asked me if I'd like to watch. So I slipped the tape into the VCR, turned up the sound not knowing the content of the film. I found this film humorous, and sometimes extremely hard to watch at times. This film dealt with a group of friends in which two of them have HIV/AIDS in the late 80's early 90's. It deals with relationships, friendships, and the virus. One of the character's wants to sign up for the drug protocol program. This film also has two of the sexiest male on male kissing scenes. I must warn you this film has male frontal nudity and back nudity. Randy Becker (shown and has a full monty shot)and Justin Kirk are very hot in this film. It is rather well done and the cast is fantastic. Taken from the Tony award winning play which stared Nathan Lane. John Glover reprises his role from the stage show as twin brothers. One of them has HIV, and is suffering with lesions on his skin. For all you Seinfeld fans out there Jason Alexander gives one of the best performance's of his life. He also has one of the funniest lines I herd in a long time. " I was having a musical comedy nightmare. They were going to revive West Side Story staring Cher and Robert Goulet . We have to stop them." The film also made me think about my own mortality, my friendships, how much I would like to have a significant other in my life, and how this virus will effect my body. It is a film worth watching, and one which I will add to my collection one day.



The One

I was wondering why I'm I so slow sometimes at catching on to things. Tonight I was playing one of my favorite word games on the computer. It's a game called text twist on Yahoo messenger. Me being a big fan of The Matrix I should have caught onto this sooner. I just wondering how many of you were also duped by this wit of tongue in cheek writing. You can make three words from the letters O. N. E.:

1: One

2: Eon

3: Neo

I can't believe it took me all this time onto catch to this character's name. How FREAKIN' subtle was that a for writing of a script. How many of you caught onto them always saying Neo is THE ONE? How many times did they give us this clue in there films, and in there writing? How many times did the iterated to us saying I know you are the one Neo. They also said I believe Neo is the one. Well guess what folks he really was the one in more the one way. Yeah I know three postings today what else can I say today!!


Something Fun

I know , I know 2 posting today already. As William Shantner said on SNL "Get a life." Sorry I just couldn't wait to share this with you. Two of my favorite things are the Alien movies, and Fox's The Family guy. So I visited familyguy.com and found this wallpaper and my jaw dropped. So here it it folks. Yes if I can find a way to print this on a tee shirt I will.


The Polar Express

Here in the Santa Cruz, Felton area we have a passenger steam train that runs between the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, and a red wood Forrest tourist trap called "Roaring Camp." Well, last night I was walking in the dark, misty, drizzly night. I was making one of my many nightly 7,11 runs, the passenger train went by as I was going to the store. It was all lit up for the holidays. A Santa Clause in every other car waving to no end at the pedestrians. Christmas carols blaring for all to hear over the rumbling of the train. I have to give them props. It struck me as a beautiful sight. A thing of enjoyment on the verge of tasteless, but not an over done vehicle art piece. Any more lights, or one more piece of tinsel, one more overly large Christmas gift box on top of the train would have ruined the effect. So thank you Roaring camp tours for making one person's night. You also made the Polar Express come true for kids of all ages.



No Good Deed...And trivia answer

If you had asked me a few months ago if good deeds are rewarded. I would have shot you a broad, shitty, gaped tooth smile with an astounding yes. Last night changed that for me. I mentioned the emergency situation I had the other night. Well last night the landlord called, and one my case workers. Needless to say it wasn't very good news. Did I save a person's life the other night? Maybe I did, maybe they would have survived without my help. I don't want to know the truth or what would have happened if I wasn't there to help. You think to yourself ok universe give me a break here after that night. Right now I believe in the old adage. No good deed goes unpunished. I'm sure this is not always true for everybody, or a select few people of a deserving nature. Well don't I deserve a break for all the traumas and tribulations I have suffered over the past 15 months. Including three deaths in our house from HIV. A barrage of test and yet my doctor is still stumped on a few health issues. He refuse to put me on disability. Doesn't the universe think ok enough is enough for this man? Let something good happen for him that will absolutely blow his mind. Is the universe saying that my spiritual work is completed where I'm living and that's why I'm not getting the breaks I like to receive to stay here? Is it time for me to move on to another place? I believe everything happens for a reason. I could rant and rave for a long time about this unjust situation. So I am stopping here and giving you the trivia question answer from The Original Gospel Rock. And the answer is with a heart pounding drum roll. Murray Head.



Emergency Situations

I have learned that in emergency situations that I'm great under pressure. Once the emergency is over I'm a basket case that takes hours and hours to unwind. I do what the person needs until the end when I can't help them anymore. Well something like this happened recently for those who no me no it wasn't Driver. I will not disclose what happened, or the person who had the emergency. What I will say is Thank you god for the knowledge and the strength I found to help this person. So needless to say last night I didn't get a lot of sleep. Is it just me who is like this, or are there other people out there the same as myself? Those who are great at helping the needy, then get into there heads after the fact. I just wonder if the EMTs of every town deal with this the first time they make a call. Does it get easier for them working on a daily bases? It has to, I am sure that is true. So will I do much today? I probably won't but that's just me.



The Original Gospel Rock

In some of the major rags, and on MSN.com lately they have printed and posted articles showing an increase of gospel rock sales and rock bands. Well today I like to add my own recollection of the original gospel rock I remember. Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice's Jesus Christ Superstar. With more, and more people finding spirituality these days with the war in Iraq, hurricane Katrina, the devastating Asian earthquake and tsunami. I was just wonder if the entertainment world is going to get the pulse of America and revive this musical. Ok maybe I'm a little reminiscent right now. Why is that, because I have it playing in the VCR while writing this blog. You see I often worked, and acted at the Fulton Opera House in Lancaster PA in my youth. One of the shows I worked back stage for, not on stage was "Superstar". On this show I worked what is know as the fly rail. Yes, I'm one of the people who pulled Judas up by the neck, helped raised Jesus's cross, dropped the mountains, everything that needed to be flown. I know morbid thinking isn't it! I forgot just how much I enjoyed "Superstar." The wonderful music by Weber and the incredible lyrics by Rice. Ok so I don't believe in organized religion, but I am spiritual person even though I do not show it, flaunt it, work it and throw it in peoples faces like Pat Robertson and Jerry Farewell. Truth be known I always wanted to play Judas, or Simon. They both have great solos songs in the show. I know being a short gay male I would be cast as King Herod(LOLOL). I can't helped myself, sometimes I am just the typical gay male. Ok trivia question time for all those "Superstar" fans out there, Who was Judas on the original London concept album of "Jesus Christ Superstar"? Give up. I'll give you a big hint. He had a big hit in 1985 with the song "One Night in Bangkok"from the "Chess" soundtrack. Stay tuned I might give you the answer in a day or two. Yes I'll give it to you in a day or two I can't be mean.



Separation Of Church And State

Recently I rented a HBO movie from our public library. The movie I rented was entitled Citizen X. It was about the worst mass murder in Russian history. The film deals with the search to capture this freakazoid. I think it was better then "Silence of the Lambs". The film was extremely well done like all HBO films. One of the lines in the film really bothered me. "We will keep arresting homosexuals. Even though it doesn't directly affect the case. We are still doing society a service." This person said this in Russia in the 1990's. Why is it that when things are going wrong gays are persecuted? During the holocaust gays were executed. Have we not progressed since the early Greek and Roman cultures? Have the religious movements so embedded their philosophy into our pyschic that acceptance will never be? Yes, since the 1969 Stonewall riot the gay rights movement has come along way. We can be more open in public, but still if we kiss, hold hands, show our affection to our partners. We get fag bashed, or persecuted, harassed by the bigotry of conservative America. Why can't we get married? Do we not pay the salaries of those idiots in Washington, and the governments of all 50 states? Our founding fathers promised a separation of church and state. Hell, even in one of our local rags they asked if this was true to people on the street this week. Then why is it that the politicians are listening to the religious fanatics singing and chanting while protesting to equal rights for gays outside the government buildings. Why does America listen to the likes of the idiots such as the likes of the Pat Robertsons, the Jerry Farewells and others. Don't get me wrong, I'm not condemning ones spiritual, or religious beliefs. What I am condemning is that there is no separation of church and state in America. As long as the politicians listen to the religious fanatics equal rights for gays won't occur. Homophobia will be stuck in the minds of all those who don't understand, or to those who refuse to understand!



The Buzz On The Streets

I don't know why there is such a buzz about "Brokeback Mountain" this weekend. Is it because the characters are not portrayed as your stereo typical raging, flamboyant, drag queens? Hi girlfriend with two snaps up in the air in Z formation said with the gay lisp. Why do Americans need to have gay male themed films be comedies as in "The Bird Cage." The Americanized version of the French story "La Cage Aux Folles". "TO Wong Foo..." about three drag queens going across America. The movie "Jeffrey" about a gay male in New York city. Which had Patrick Stewart playing an old queen. It took Hollywood 23 years since the release of the 1982 film "Making Love" to embark on another main stream, serious film about two men falling in love. Is the buzz on the streets because the actors are two of the biggest up and cumming (pun intended) stars in Hollywood? Is it because of the make out scenes are too intense for main stream America? Could it mean now that the Marlboro Man is gay because of "Brokeback Mountain"? We never saw him with a woman only with his horse. Hmm could he be having a relationship with his horse to kill the time in the wild? It's something to think about. Hello people wake up. This is the 21st century. We still have prejudice against the people who don't fall into our acceptable social norms, or ethical backgrounds. So what if film has a R rating, it's not like it's a triple XXX rated gay male porn flick done by a major motion picture film studio. Look at the 1996 British gay coming of age film "Beautiful Thing." The Indie films such as "Trick" or "The Edge of Seventeen." The John Waters movies featuring the transvestite Divine they were all not main stream. Ok maybe John Waters wasn't the best example, but I moved here from Baltimore so give me lots of leeway on this one. So I send my props out to the cast and crew of "Brokeback Mountain". To Hollywood I say is it going to take another 23 years to make a serious film about two men falling in love? Hey where are the main stream, serious love films about two women falling in love? The film "Monster" doesn't count in my opion as a true love story between two women. For me it was more about the murders then women falling in love and having a relationship.



A Gem Of A Jule(s)

I know I have mentioned this before, but I'm going to say it again. I LOVE JULES. Jules has been a really big support system in these trying times. A corner stone of my life to keep me grounded. I solid rock in this world of topsy turvy. I don't know if she really knows how much she means to me. How much her friendship is appreciated. That loving smile, and those fiery red locks can melt away the pain of anyone. I know this posting will make her cry. I'm sorry dearest one , but the unconditional love you give is a rare and beautiful thing. You are a sparkling diamond in this world of coal people. So with all my heart, all my soul I say THANK YOU for our friendship, and I am blessed just to know you.



No Christmas this Year

This is the time of year where you see lots of people shopping for gifts in the malls, or in the stores of your local towns. They are laughing, chatting, giggling having a good time. Drinking their four dollar coffee from a coffee house and their kids drinking hot chocolate. Trying to find that one last gift for that one person on their list who is so hard to buy for, I envy them. Being in the situation I'm in, I'm not celebrating Christmas this year. Money non-existent, bills over due, landlord problems. Someone asked me today how can you can get out of bed in your mental state. What you are telling me most people wouldn't even be able to cope with physically or mentally. I said I just do it! With no partner in my life who's going to take care of the things that need to be handled, I'm the one who has to deal with the issues. Even going out for an hour or two can be challenging. Yes I am in not the best mental state right now. Yes I'm looking for that one break to turn my life around for the better. I learned from house sitting it's great not to deal with and being Hiv+ 24-7. Don't get me wrong I love the house where I live. So my friends unless I win the Polar Express give away, Publisher Clearing House Sweepstakes, or the lottery Christmas will be just another day for this man. I will feel very guilty if someone buys me a present and I can not reciprocate. Do I deserve presents? Maybe, but I still would feel guilty that's the way I am.



Isn't the internet just grand. I really do love surfing the world wide web. Looking up the newest movie trailers and such. What I found out tonight was a little too frightening for my taste. We had a stranger show up at our house with a business card. He had information we had not given him. He knew about the local Org. Project. That one of our refrigerators was on the fritz. So I went to a popular search engine and typed in the gentleman's name. According to Driver this man was a little too suspicious. So I thought from his E mail address he might have been from one of the local diversity agencies. OH my god what I found out about him on the web. Now realize I'm no hacker. Just from only this man's name and city I found out I could receive his complete history, criminal background, where he lived, his telephone number and much much more. Shouldn't somethings be private in one's personal life and not splattered all over the net? It's frightening just what you can do with the net with just a little imagination. The end result was Driver and I figured out from talking with each other he was sent here by a former roommate who works for one of the diversity agencies here in Santa Cruz. For those Angelina Jolie fans out there yes that's her pictured with Jonny Lee Miller in the movie hackers.




Well the landlord if you could call her that came over today and stated I'm on very thin ice. That I should be making SERIOUS PLANS to move. She was upset that Driver has two friends over and that I didn't snitch on him. That the door to his room was painted black. That she is coming over in the morning to lock all the rooms that are not rented. She told Driver on the phone the new management people are going to be shown the house again on Friday. One thing I learned about landlords that the almighty dollar is the most important thing in their lives. It doesn't matter to them if the job market is almost non-existent in this area or I'm too qualified, or not qualified enough for their positions. It doest matter employers think I'm a health and insurance risk and won't even give me an interview. It doesn't matter the state cut off my funds due to the numbers game. Very few landlords of my experience are compassionate people. A personel note to all my fellow bloggers out there. Due to my stress level creativity is lacking in my writing.



It's A Downer Dude

Right now I'm so frustrated at trying finding employment I could just spit nails, thumbtacks, broad axes, clamors, you name it. Me being six weeks late on rent, the landlord calling every other day placing more stress on me and calling Driver about how my search for employment is going is uncool. I don't know how much more mental anguish, frustration, roadblocks I can handle. It's like you have to know someone just to get hired in this town. The fast food joints want high school kids that only want minimum wage. Other employers want you to have a degree in this or that, or be bi lingual. This is one of those days where I would like to take a long walk off a short Municipal Wharf Pier. This is one of those nights you hide in your room and not deal with the world. So tomorrows another day, another destiny. To see what this life has in store for me. It's such a downer dude trying to find employment.



Sleepy Time Iggy

For the past few day's I have been watching Remy's and Jules's house. Feeling uncomfortable sleeping in other peoples beds, I crashed out on their couch with the dogs fighting them just for sleeping space. I already informed you Fat Lola is a slightly overweight beagle. What I haven't told you is Iggy is a miniature greyhound. Jules informed me that he likes to sleep under the covers behind your knee joints. Well Saturday night(my last night house sitting) I had the Fantastic 4 DVD playing, and half a sleep. Fat Lola was slumbering at my feet snorting away. Iggy was up in Jules and Remy's bed so I thought I'm safe for the night, only one dog to fight tonight for the couch, and sleep. Let me tell you something I was so wrong. If ever an animal could curse you out, Iggy told me that night to go to hell and back. He used every curse word in doggy language that he knew. He's started yapping, and growling at me like there was no tomorrow. How dare I try to sleep and not tell him "Sleepy time Iggy How dare I let Fat Lola be with me and not him." After he cursed me out for a good 10 minutes Iggy stuck his tail high in the air, went three quarters of the way up the stairs, and told me off once last time. So the next time Jules and Remy ask me to house sit I'll know to tell Iggy it's bed time.



Ben Who?

As you know, I am still house sitting for Jules and Remy. I am also watching their two dogs Iggy and Fat Lola. As much as I tried, these two dogs refuse me to walk them separate. Like all people, and animals these two dogs have different temperaments inside and outside the house. Sometimes when I am walking them, I feel like Ben Hur driving his chariot to the coliseum for the great chariot race without his chariot. I put my reins on my precious team, and then I put on my gladiator armor. With a rein in each hand, I drive my team to the coliseum aka the local park. In my youth, growing up next to a farm in Pennsylvania, the farmer next door used to allow me to drive the different teams of horses during bailing season. Iggy is no problem, he is like a new born foal easily managed. Fat Lola is like a very heavy draft horse who you have to restrained at all times and will try to break away from you every chance she gets. Walking them gives me the same exhilaration as in my youth driving the wagon horses. So watch out Charlton Heston, for one day soon, Iggy, Fat Lola, and Mikey will challenge you to a chariot race. So you actually played Ben who?



Best In Show

Right now I am house sitting for my dear friends Jules and Remy. Now they have two dogs which absolutely adore me, and I adore them. The one I'm going to blog about today is Fat Lola. Now Lola is a slightly overweight, affectionate beagle. So I was chilling today in front of the television with a DVD, and she tells me she has to do her business. So I get her ready first, then I grab my jacket and we are off to the races. I take her down to the near by park so she can do her duty. After she's done, she acts like she just won the Westminster Kennel Club's Best in Show. I kid you not. Queen Elizabeth of England has nothing on Lola after she's done her duty. Her attitude says "Look at me, I'm the best dog that's ever been born." Her tail standing straight up wagging for all the world to see. Strutting along like no other dog can. Her expression saying I'm the happiest dog alive and nothing can bring me down. Needless to say every time I see her do this I laugh. So if there was a category for slightly overweight beagles Lola would be Best In Show.



One for the Straights and Lesbians

Again you get two postings today. Reason: I'm going to Jules's house till Sunday and I don't know if I'll be able to log into blogger from her computer and make postings. In a recent posting I told you to go to Vh1 and go to "But Can They Sing" Well I revisited the G spot excuse me that's the V spot to see who won. Michael Copon won. Sorry if I spoiled it for you. I won't tell you how in lust I am with him or Carmine Gotti(great body, ugly attitude.) Oh my god!! Did I say this one for the straights ands lesbians? I got hot and bothered there for a moment. Let's discuss Morgan Fairchild. Now for me not being straight and my eyes bulging out should tell you something. Vh1 had the whole cast sing a cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". Morgan is dressed in a black fish net top, a red corset, and a tight pair of red and black tights. For a woman of her age I said to myself. "Damn girl you look mighty fine." If I was straight she would be a M.I.L.F. in this outfit. If you don't want sexual appeal and if you like that nasty girl look check out Bai Ling. Bai Ling does a cover of "I Touch Myself" which was a hit for The Divinyls. Lets just say she has very little on in her performance. They have a shot of the comedian Ant with his mouth dropped to the floor. Like Mastercard it was priceless. So turn off the sound on you computer. Get a good set of ear plugs and use them. Visit Vh1 and check out these two sexy women.


Master Bates

I know being a huge movie buff I should have seen Alfred Hitchcock's "Pyscho" long before last night. Well I rented it for the first time from our public library. I know shame on me. Only thing I have to say is "WOW". I understand now why critics and audiences have always raved about this film. Hitchcock leaving the violence to the imagination and not in your face like the horror genera is today. You know it's happening but with the quick cut's and background score enhancing the scene you feel not see the violence.. Janet Leigh's and Anthony Perkins's performances are amazing. Hitchcock modernizing Sophocle's Oedipus Rex for 1960 when the film was released. The well written scenes between Perkins and Leigh at Bates motel. The only criticism I have is the explanation of Norman's psychic scene with the psychiatrist at the end of the film was too long for my taste. Today's questions are these:

1- When Norman was under the age of thirteen was he called "Master Bates?"

2- Was it the start of him going "Psycho" long before he saw his mother in bed with her lover?



Weirdest Things

Ok so I'm becoming a professional blogger. This is my second posting today. In a previous posting called "The Strangest Call" I told you the weirdest things happen to me. Well today I was getting ready to go job hunting. I hear the door ring and rush down to answer the door. There waiting for me is a young Latino woman I never seen standing on the porch. I asked her can I help you? She ask me is this the union. I say no you have the wrong address. Now on our front door is a sign that says Private Property No Tresspassing. So how could she think our house was a union building. I've lived here for over a year and didn't know there was a union with in a few blocks of my house. Is there an union within a few blocks? All the same I'll reiterate this statement. The weirdest things do happen to me.


A Mikeyism and then The Real World (the real posting)

Mikeyism- Biker rage: For all those out there who suffer from road rage I suffered from that on my bike yesterday. People who talk on cell phones and almost hitting us while they are talking on their phones. Other bicyclist being inconsiderate of you on your bike. Both happened to me yesterday. Biker rage, the 10.1 of road rage.

I'm afraid of what the real world holds in store for me. Bills overdue, rent two months late with no rental assistance available, or used up. Medical disability payments gone from the state due to the numbers game. No income as of writing this posting. Having to go out there and find a real job. Afraid I'll catch something that might cause a serious health issue. That an employer won't understand my health issue. That no employer will not hire me due to having HIV for being a health and insurance risk. That if employed, I might have future health issues which would cause me to be absent from work. Will the employer understand my health issues? When do I tell an employer about my health issue? Do I tell an employer? What if there is an emergency situation where there is lots of blood involved? Even with a simple cut I could infect someone for life. Will they take proper precautions so they do not to catch the virus? Do they really want to hire me considering my past health issues over this past year. Will they fire me for a different reason if they find out I have HIV after being hired? Yes I do know there are different ways to fire a person so no discrimination law suits can be filed. It's tough physically, and emotionally draining trying to decide what is right. I do have to be true to my inner soul. I have to do what feels right for me. For me there is no choice or debate in this matter. I can not be untrue to myself that is worse then lying to me. That's my greatest, and my worst asset depending on the situation. I know a lot of people who's numbers are better then mine, and yet I'm the one who isn't sick enough for state and federal compensation. I only know of three people living with HIV who are working regular jobs. How do they do it? When did they tell their employers? Did the tell their employers? One of the three is my doctor, he had no choice in the matter. He already knew(snickering as I wrote that one). What about the other two? These are the issues that I am dealing with writing this posting. These are the issues I need to address. These are the issues that plague me at night sitting in my room. All these questions are valid. I don't know? There maybe no right or wrong answers to my questions. I was told by people living with HIV the first year or two are always the hardest. I totally understand now that statement is a fact for me.



Amish Chicken and Corn Soup

I didn't know how much I would miss East Coast food till I moved out here to California. Especially Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. I grew up in Lancaster and ate such things as shoe fly pie, chicken and waffles, chicken corn soup, whoopie pies (picture shown) Turkey Hill iced tea (The Worlds best) TastyKakes(brand name) Wilbur dark chocolate buds (better then Hershey kisses). I got a real craving for chicken and corn soup. I went on line and looked it up for a recipe. When I found some I said what the hell is this crap there putting in the soup. Crumbled Flour? Noodles? 1/4 cup of milk? Carrots? Yuck!!!! That's not authentic!!! I already knew the ingredients were:

1: Chicken you boil down then debone it- man I hated doing that
2: Corn- I like fresh but used can this time you can also use frozen
3: Onions - chopped medium
4: Celery - sliced
5: parsley
6: some saffron - if you like
7: sliced hard boiled eggs- I had to hand slice the eggs, our slicer disappeared
8: salt and pepper to taste

The thing about this soup is the longer it cooks the better the taste. It also tastes better on the second day. So I made my own recipe from the ingredients above and made a big pot for my roomie Driver and myself. I did go a little over board on the amount of corn and other ingredients I put in to the soup. There wasn't enough broth. I'll know better next time. I'll also get a real Amish chicken complete with black hat and subspenders to enhance the taste in my soup. My next craving that I've had for awhile and will try to make are whoopie pies. YUM!!! Ps I put up two posting today my friends. Bloggers messing with me shifting these two postings back and forth. I'm sorry.


Have I become my Parents?

Ok you get two postings today. When I was in high school my friends used to love to come over to my house. They all loved my parents. They thought my parents were the coolest parents in the area. I have to agree with my friends. I love my parents, and my parents were the coolest when I was growing up. My father passed away a few years ago, and I still keep in touch with my mother. When my friends stayed late or stayed for the night, my parents would say they were retiring to bed. I said "OK, we'll keep it down for you." My friends and I kept doing what we were doing. Playing cards, or playing a board game, watching television, watching a movie, what ever it was we were doing. Then about 30 minutes later my parents would start. Start what you ask your yourself. Snoring!! My friends and I would start laughing. When I was growing up I thought my parents were the greatest snorer's in the world. If there was a contest for snoring my parents would have given everyone a run for their money. They snored REALLY loud, that it sounded like it was coming out of a bull horn. When they snored alternating back and forth with one another we would bust up even more. Well I'm not laughing now. Why is that? Sunday morning I was snoring so loud myself that I WOKE MYSELF UP!!!! Have I become my parents? Have I become one of the greatest snorers in the world? Granted I have a severe sinus infection at the moment. Is that the cause of my snoring? Do I snore when I don't have a sinus infection? I just don't know. So watch out friends you just may end up like your parents too.



The Long's experience (part Deux)

Earlier this week, Ms. Sizzle that hot babe who I absolutely adore wrote a blog posting "How To Lose A Year of Your Life Without Trying." Well guess what people I'm going to elaborate on that posting today. Yesterday I had to pick up something from the same Long's. A 20 minute trip turned into an hour ordeal. First just like Ms. Sizzle I had and an earthly Santa Cruz person causing problems in line. Only mine was a female with dread locks. This woman was talking on the cell phone, going back and forth picking up more items for the clerk to check out, and talking to cashier at the same time. Multi tasking was so not this woman's forte. So after what seemed an eternity she leaves and the cashier wrings up the next customer. No problems with this customer. "GOOD!!" My turn, I reached the cashier and ask for my order. I hear "We're sorry Mikey we ran out of that yesterday. We just got that in today and it will take 20 minutes to fill that order." So go I go to a chair and sit and wait, and wait,and wait. 20 minutes goes by my name not called. 30 minutes goes by nothing. After sitting and waiting and for an hour and getting pissed now!! Then I hear "Mikey your order's ready." "Finally". I will give the cashier credit. She did apologize for all the inconvenience. I am so glad I wasn't in a hurry like Ms. Sizzle. It would have taken a year out of my life without trying.



Les Miserables

So it's late at night. I can't sleep worth shit. I have to help my roomie get up to go to a function in a few hours. Early today I rented the 10th year anniversary concert of "Les Miserable" the dream cast from the library. So I slipped it into the VCR and start to listen to the concert and write another posting. In the middle of the second act Jean Valjean sings "Bring Him Home" and the song starts me to think. First of all I'm not a fan of the government right now, and I think even less of President Bush and the war in Iraq. As Colm Wilkinson starts sing pouring his heart and soul out into this song. I think of how many parents of our military personnel want to sing THAT to President Bush. To bring our men and women back from the war. How many lives do we have to loose from a war that we were falsely informed about by the government. How poignant that song is for our society today. Now I'm not saying Saddam shouldn't have been overthrown. I think he should have been overthrown. I just really hate being lied to by the government. Aren't the politicians suppose to work for the general public and at least release information what is factual? Who appointed the United States to be the peace keepers of the world? Why does it seems that the United States is always the first to rush in when there is a problem somewhere? Did I miss something? For those of you who don't know "Les Miserable" it's one of my favorite shows. The lyrics of this show are incredible. It's a story about a man who steals a loaf of bread and goes to prison for 20 years in France. I know it sounds boring but trust me it's not boring. After he's out, he brakes the terms of his parole and he runs from the law for the rest of his life. So I just want to say to all the parents of all our military personnel out there I say " Bring them ALL home. NOW!!" so go to this url and listen to "Bring Him Home"


The Strangest Call

I always tell people the weirdest things always seems to happen to me. Like my wrist getting hurt seeing "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". Who the hell gets an injured wrist seeing a movie? Well I did!! Well this past Thursday was no exception. It was raining, and I was working on my computer and the phone rings. So I go to my phone and answer it. I say "Hello" and hear a Latino gentleman stuttering on the line trying to spit out what he wanted to say.

Mikey: "Hello."

Gentleman: "I um, I um, this is so and so and I have to cancel our appointment today at 4:00 o'clock."

So here I'm thinking to myself, ok did my county nurse (anyone in Santa Cruz County who has HIV/AIDS gets a nurse no matter how healthy or sick they are) make an appointment for me that I forgot. Did I write down Friday's doctor's appointment wrong. When was this appointment made? Was it for, the dentist, the optometrist, what is this damn appointment I forgot?

Mikey: "What appointment is that sir?" (asking questionably)

Gentleman: "The appointment for my prosthetics!"

Needless to say my jaw dropped to the floor like a ton of weights were put in my mouth!! Pausing for a moment in shock then answering him back:

Mikey: "I'm sorry sir you have the wrong number."

Gentleman: "Isn't this where I'm suppose to get my prosthesis?"

Mikey still in shock, and his jaw still dragging on the floor answering back to the gentleman:

Mikey: "No sir I'm sorry you have the wrong number!" I repeated.

Gentleman: "I'm sorry." "Click" as he hangings up the phone.

I hang up the receiver and start laughing uncontrollably. Only I would have a call about a man wanting his prosthetics. That was most definitely the strangest call I ever received in my life. A personel note. If any of my friends buy me the replica mannequin leg lamp from "A Christmas Story" as a joke after reading this posting. I'll kill them.



3 out of 9

Yesterday was World AIDS Day. So last night I went to a candle light vigil for friends and roommates that have been lost to HIV/AIDS. This year Santa Cruz county lost 9 people to the virus. When I herd that I was in shock. 3 out of 9 were my roommates. I only have to say it was a very emotional night. The reading of peoples names lost this year and in the past. The sad songs sung with their poetic lyrics sung on their behalf. The candle light flickering across the teary emotional eyed faces of people who have lost friends and loved ones. People who work with HIV/AIDS clients doing their best trying to control their emotions as they ran the ceremony. As I'm writing this the night before posting, I'm still pretty emotional from the nights events. Sometimes I have trouble letting go of my emotions. What really hit home for me last night is that if they don't find a cure for HIV/AIDS my name will be read one day in the future on a street corner, or crowded room on December 1st at some candle light vigil.



World Aids Day

Today is World Aids Day. So do something special for someone with HIV/AIDS. Take them out to eat. Give them a big hug. Light a candle for all who lost their lives to this virus. Go out and buy them something they could use. Take them to a movie. So wear a red ribbon today to show your support to end HIV/AIDS. Make that donation you keep putting off to your local HIV/Aids support centers. Go to ONE.org and make a donation to end world hunger and Aids. Learn about HIV/AIDS on line at poz.com. Just remember the general public is more dangerous to us then we are to you. Sex and I.V. drug use not included.